Boerenforum deplores the closure of small slaughterhouses

FifthActions resulting from the animal rights movement’s protest actions are usually what kill the country’s smaller slaughterhouses, Boerenforum says. Animal welfare laws are, as it were, the executioner pulling the plug.

This is a painful situation for the farmers’ wives and farmers in Boerenforum. “The animal rights movement or the animal liberation movement aiming for ‘soft targets’ or soft targets in the agriculture sector misses the point. Large slaughterhouses can always comply with new, tougher legislation, but Boerenforum doesn’t want those big slaughterhouses. For the animal movement, they have a question Central one: “WhichYou’re on the side with the boys and girls… Which side are you on. Translated into Dutch: “Which side are you on?”

Who is the winner

The Flemish continue to eat meat and the number of vegetarians and vegans may be increasing, but there is still a significant consumption of eggs and dairy products in our region. You can’t fight against animal slaughter without wondering who will benefit from all your battles. It is clear to the Farmers Forum that the winners after years of tug-of-war are the big players…” That is, while our farmers are only looking for small, human-sized slaughterhouses. Our farmers’ wives don’t want their animals to be dumped on a faceless block where they are slaughtered with others on the assembly line. Our animals have been given space. To be animals, to be themselves… Slaughter in a large slaughterhouse is not right,” says Boerenforum.

They invite everyone to visit our farmers when there is a moment of sale or open day. You are guaranteed to hear our credo. Not more meat, but better meat. Meat from animals that help us close cycles does not lend itself to becoming a mass product. Moreover, our cows, pigs, sheep, chickens … are an indispensable and precious link on our farm. For the vision of “no more, just better meat,” we didn’t need a moral message from a more or less organized animal movement. Only our common sense was enough.

bigger bigger bigger

That’s why we ask the animal rights movement, the animal liberation movement, and our politics to choose to see well. “which side are you on Not an empty slogan. If you do not attack the current economic laws under which the primary sector suffers, it will be “big, bigger, bigger” and then actions and legislation on animal welfare or the environment is only a catalyst for this increase in size. Then try to imagine what it’s like to be a sheep in this big world.

Boerenforum does not commend its practices with animals to heaven, and their animals also go to slaughter. But the farmers’ organization thought about what they would wish for their animals in the last moments of their lives. “The big slaughterhouses are not part of that,” the organization states. “They prefer home slaughter, if possible with professionals on their side who can ensure that the animal’s end of life is done in the best way possible. The current legislative framework no longer allows this for many animal species. With the erosion of the landscape in slaughterhouses, the situation is going from bad to worse.” .

Two farmers’ forums

Since Boerenforum never gives up, it is organizing a forum for farmers in Meise and Londerzeel on this topic on January 30th. Between Farmers’ Wives and Farmers will discover what is and is not possible in raising poultry on their own farm. They also check current regulations regarding home slaughter and take the opportunity to consider a campaign with vzw Vlaamse Schapenhouderij – VSH – to maintain or further expand smaller slaughter infrastructures.

The Farmers’ Forum foresees a different stance on the animal rights movement and politics, in which dialogue with interest groups on small farms and alternatives in the agricultural sector is central. “Let’s hope that together we can overcome the current trends of expansion and Race to the bottom In the agricultural sector “, apparently within the process.

Concretely, there will be a farmers’ forum on Monday 30 January at 9 am at Hof ter Dreef, Prinsendreef 18, 1860 Meise. At 13:00 there will be a farmers’ forum at Seasonal Taste, Ursene 14 at 1840 Londerzeel.


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