Jose misses her ex terribly: “I go home crying after her farewell party”

You see your colleagues more often than your family. Sometimes you hit it. Such as José who worked with Ineke for years in the secretariat of a publishing house. The collaboration ends abruptly when Ineke bluntly tells her she has another job. “I miss Iniki so much, I don’t like my job anymore.”

When José was hired at a publishing house in Amsterdam fifteen years ago, she met Ennick, who had just started working there. “We had to give the secretariat hands and feet. The beating heart of the company. That was us. We sat together forty hours a week and supported management, editors and writers and made sure everything ran smoothly. And that it was.”

Thanks to her I am still with Wim

The ladies share joys and sorrows and become best friends. “Other friends had warned me, and they thought it was strange that I was such good friends with Ineke. I expected it to fail. But it just wasn’t possible because we were such a good team together and we were so closely intertwined that it went well.” She would blow her heart out to each other regularly, especially when the relationship between Jose and her husband, Wim, was in a deep valley. “Thanks to Ineke, Wim and I are still together. I didn’t like it anymore, but she thought I should give my marriage and thus Wim a chance. I’m still very grateful to her for that advice.”

She lost her child

Jose was a huge support to Inky when she lost her baby. Annick was 37 weeks pregnant and ready to give birth. I felt relaxed and ready for motherhood. Until suddenly things went completely wrong. Ineki was sitting in front of me and suddenly she turned pale and started to sweat. I asked what was the matter and she shrugged. I didn’t hesitate a moment and called 112. On the way to the hospital, Ineki lost her baby. I was shocked and thought she was so brave that she got back to work so quickly. We talked about it a lot and it was great.”

Joe, I have another job

Fifteen years of collaboration ended last year: Ineke started working for another publisher. “When she told me, the ground gave way under my shoes. Of course I was very happy for her because I knew she was looking for another employer. She wanted to change jobs again before her age got the better of her. It might seem a bit excessive, but I kind of panicked. What would I do without Ineke here? I would have got a new colleague and never approached her as I did with Ine. This just wasn’t there.”

I don’t want to argue

Iniki’s farewell party is accompanied by tears. “I had a stomach ache on her last day. I kept calm and made sure she threw a nice party. But on the way home, tears are running down my cheeks.” Jose has absolutely nothing to do with new colleague Morgan. Morgan is bossy and wants to change everything. “She thinks we’re working ineffectively and that we can do a lot better. I have to hold back a lot, I don’t want to argue but she’s getting blood from under my fingernails.” And just when Jose wonders how to proceed, Ineke sends her a letter saying that the position will become available at the publishing house where she now works. Or that’s nothing to Jose.

Wim thinks it’s childish

Overjoyed, Jose returns home that day and tells Wim the good news. But Wim is not enthusiastic at all. “Wim doesn’t think it’s a good idea if I change jobs just to work with Ien again. He even thinks it’s a bit childish that I want to chase after her. While I can’t help but think: Nice! It’s more fun working with Ien.” Jose hasn’t banned yet, but Wim doesn’t want her to change jobs. He’s afraid that it will turn out wrong and that I will disrupt the business. I think this is nonsense. Why do things go wrong? “

Is it or not?

Jose faces a dilemma: will she listen to Wim’s advice or apply for a job at the publishing house where Ineke works? “If I follow my heart, I will write the request letter. But I also don’t want any trouble with Wim and I know I will if I continue my way.”

what do you think? Should Jose follow her heart and start working with her friend again? Or do you think Wim is right, and that her reason for changing jobs is not a good one? Share your opinion in the comments below this article.

Photo by Pavel Danyliuk via Pexels

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