For months I was busy with a playground, a crib and a nursery. But not with funeral insurance

It’s something you’d rather not think about and of course wish you’d never need: securing a funeral for your child. However, it is wiser to close it. Research shows that 45% of Cake Mama visitors have already taken out such insurance for their children. More than half of them have not yet taken this step. After all, there is a lot to arrange during pregnancy. Want to know why it’s wise to consider this, too? Then please read further.

How is that exactly?

A funeral costs a lot of energy and money. This is why nearly three-quarters of the population choose to take out funeral insurance. This is of course voluntary. Its closure can be completely reassuring. This way you can be sure that you will not face unexpectedly high costs, if necessary. If you do not have enough savings to pay for your child’s funeral, it may be a good idea to take out a funeral insurance policy for your child.

But even if you have enough savings, funeral insurance can be fun. When you say goodbye to a child, there are other things on your mind than money. An important part of funeral insurance is the funeral provider, who arranges everything for you. You can completely decide how you want to say goodbye and what is required for it, but all the arrangements and financial settlements are made for you. Quite relaxing.

during pregnancy

Of course a lot comes to you during pregnancy. But it is important that you also have your affairs in order for the unexpected moments. If you are pregnant, you can already tell your insurance company that you want to co-insure your child. This is possible in Monota from 20 weeks of gestation.

Like talking about saying goodbye to her daughter

Unfortunately, as I experienced with Lake, things can turn out differently than you expect (@tweet) in October 2017, during her delivery.

Leiki: “Do you have funeral insurance?” the doctor asked me. I can still see the grieving faces of all our family and friends. I was 39 weeks pregnant and was busy for hours. Did the doctor just tell me my daughter died? I didn’t believe it. I went on with my work and showed them they were wrong. I thought, “Why does everyone keep looking at me like that?” “She’s in shock.” I hear vaguely behind me. jam. I had to go on and on, blow out another contraction, and the doctors and family searched for Dwight’s face. I asked him if he wanted to ask everyone to leave. I was in labor and wanted to get into my bubbles that I told him, I knew little.

Confused and helpless

If I have a funeral insurance policy. Panic ran through my body, confused and sad. I was in the hospital in the midst of the long labor of my deceased daughter. I wasn’t ready for that at all. helpless. For months I was busy with a playpen, a crib and a maxi-Cosi to take home. But not with funeral insurance. How am I going to do this now? She looked helplessly at Dwight, who at that moment also didn’t know exactly what he had arranged.

Another thing you can do

Finally, it was confirmed to us that it was not good, but we were able to say goodbye to June. Not quite the way we wanted, but what do you really want? to be with your child. And do not arrange her goodbye. We both look at her farewell with a good feeling, it’s great that we were able to do this before June. No, it’s not pretty, but it’s important. Another thing you can do.

Girlfriends advice

From my birth through June, I’m giving all of my pregnant girlfriends a good look at this funeral insurance. Normal. Because I don’t want them to be in such an inhumane situation if they are not ready for it and have to make decisions. Like me. Because if it weren’t for Dwight… I don’t even want to think about it. Do not hope that you will never need it, especially not for your child. But if it must be done, it is good that it be arranged.”

Funeral and bereavement

Have you ever considered a funeral insurance policy? At Monuta you can get funeral insurance at competitive premiums. And when necessary, as a funeral director, they offer a personal farewell, which relatives can look on with good feeling. After the funeral, there are also many things that need to be arranged. Like all intense emotions you have to deal with it. Monuta is also there for you after the funeral. They are happy to give you practical advice and information. very nice.

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