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Since April 2018, Castermann has been publishing La Gazette du Château in French containing advance publications of stories and articles from Beestenburcht with all kinds of publicity. Ten newspapers containing the first three parts have been published. The edition is always made up of thousands of numbered copies (started with 10,000, now 6,000).

What I really love about the series is that the characters develop. In each part you have new surprises. Now Number 2 Dog and Bella the Cow bring an adorable amount of subtlety.

Dorison: That was the intention, too. The longer the story goes, the more we round the corners. We certainly want to avoid it becoming a story of a trivial war of good against evil. The more opinions you receive about how and why, the richer the story becomes. To defeat a dictator, you must You know the person who’s totally against you. By the way, this applies to any conflict, whether it’s at home or at work. You can’t resolve a conflict if you don’t know where the other side is. That’s why Felix and I are going to bring other animal opinions up front in the section The last. Of course without omitting the main characters. Makes sense.”

So Bella’s role has already been played?

Dorison: “No. No. 2 and Bella remain decisive. The downfall of a dictator is often initiated by those close to him. It is the generals who decide the success of the revolution, not the presidents or the tyrants themselves.”

I want to talk a little bit about your name choices. Miss Bangalore alludes to Gandhi’s India. Perhaps the dog Nelson refers to Napoleon, the lead boar, with his sting animals farm.

Dorison: “That wink is right. Félix has drawn many dogs and will have to draw more. But with that hat on, he learns within two seconds that Nelson is the boss. Besides, it’s a funny sight.”

In some French translations of animals farm Napoleon’s name was replaced by Caesar. Is that why the rabbit is called that?

Dorison: “Oh no. I didn’t even know that.”

Is the name Silvio associated with former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi?

Dorison: “I didn’t think of that. But the link doesn’t bother me.” (Laughs)

This leaves the mouse azelar. I can’t put this name.

Dorison: “That was just a good, interesting name. We needed something along.”

how do you mean?

Dorison: In addition to the visual representation, there is also a choice of names. We also have to polarize it so that no doubts arise in the mind of the reader. For example, you can choose it according to the rhythm. Miss B. You pronounce it very succinctly and forcefully. A-ze-lar is a little vocals. Nouns ending in o are easy to remember. But you’re also not allowed to have different names that end in -o, or else it gets too confusing. Choosing the right name for the character is extremely important! Nouns beginning with “a,” “o,” or “i” always work well. If you put a foreigner’s name in it, that’s amazing too. English Buck, for example, is a very strong name. Short and sweet. You should do everything you can to avoid confusing the reader.”

I never stopped to think about it.

Dorison: “This is more important than ever. Reading comics is a challenging medium. Today more than ever. You have to keep your attention for a significantly longer time. The human brain processes auditory and visual stimuli, such as music or movies, much more easily than pictures In addition, our attention span is greatly reduced. I definitely strive for clear graphic lines and clear names.”

I’m just referring to completion. Felix, you have been widely praised for your graphics of bestpert. Aren’t you afraid that from now on you will always be this animal artist?

Dilip: (Believes) “I don’t think so. I think to myself that my human figures are better than my creatures. I certainly feel more familiar with human drawings than the animals I drew in my childhood.”

Wow, that’s promising!

Dilip: (look away) “Thank you.”

Dorison: “After, after bestpert We’re making a completely different album with people in the lead. Only one monster is involved.”

Can you be more specific please?

Dorison: (Laughs) “It’s going to be a magical tale. But don’t expect it.” LanfestStates. We are transported to a 17th century historical story in which one remarkable element appears, an animal. It would be great, but we both hope it stays in one shot. (Laughs) And now I have already said a lot.

Series bestpert Appeared in Casterman in paperback and limited to a different cover (see images below). The first two parts were released at the beginning and end of 2020, and the four-part sequel to the series appeared in December 2022. The number of pages varies for each album. Part 1 has 72 pages, Part 2 56 and Part 3 is 60 pages thick. Hardcover albums cost €9.99. Hardcovers sold out.

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