Famke Louise isn’t afraid of the reactions to the new single

Famke Louise has announced that she is going to take a big step in her music career. I signed with a new music label calledROQ ‘N Rolla. I was severely beaten during roast And last week Projection Her number one ‘Dancing in the dark’. But that’s not all, because there is a lot of planning involved.

Famke tells us all about her big plans during her latest album release party.

Dancing in the dark

Last week Famke Louise dropped her first single in two years, ‘Dancing in the dark’. We talk to her about her new music.

Famke talks about her greatest passion

Your mouth Louise is very busy at the moment. So she is with her tree leaves Denzel Slugger, a seven-month-old baby girl, has participated in various programs such as roastsigned a contract with the music company ROQ ‘N ROLLA Finally, after two years, she released her first song, ‘Dancing in the dark’. Lots, but lots to come. So what can we expect from her? “Very much, there is still a lot of new music because that is the main focus of this year. I also plan to perform again, to perform again. There is still a lot to do, but I still need to ‘go’ before I talk about it.” truly “.

Famke has been less active for two years, mainly because she’s focused on motherhood. But this does not mean that she forgot her passion for music. “Music has always been a nuisance,” she says. Once she found her routine, she was finally able to put her creativity into action and start making music. “I found out that it was really my passion. I just couldn’t deny it and I couldn’t let it go. I really noticed it. I hope we see that in the future, too.”

Being a mother and an artist? Famke explains how to do it

Most artists can often be found in the studio until the wee hours. Famke was also a part of that in the beginning, but now with baby Nówie it looks completely different. By holding studio sessions from ten in the morning until five in the afternoon, it is easy for Famke to combine motherhood with music. Unfortunately, evening sessions are no longer available. “I have to say I actually didn’t expect it to be much better during the day. I’m a little impressed because this is something I’ve never done before. But I really like this.”

Famke takes a very different approach to her musical style

‘Dancing in the dark’ It cannot be compared to previous releases by Famke. This song is beautiful Wonderful And its delicious home win. The two genres you compare it to are Dance and Pop, let them be the two types of music Famke likes. “Salaam! FM is with us all day, so I really like dance-like music, but I also like pop music a lot. The combination of that is really cool. We’re going to carry on that streak, yeah.” Say goodbye to the old Famke music, because this music is what we will hear more often now. And we love it!

Louise Family Music

reactions to her music

Famke has often had to deal with him in the past Hate comments about her music, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her passion for music. about her new song ‘Dancing in the dark’ There is already a lot of enthusiastic feedback. Fans are especially happy that their queen We are back in the game he. So we asked Famke if she finds it exciting to read the feedback on her new song. “Um, not necessarily. Of course you want people to like it and you want to get the good vibes. But the most important thing right now is that I really stand behind the music. If I could pump this song into my car a hundred times, I’d be happy. Anything extra comes along.” With him is a wonderful bonus. I’m not afraid of feedback.”

The future of Famke Louise looks bright. She knows how to combine motherhood with her great passion for music. Her first song is very popular with fans after 2 years and has a lot of planning. We will definitely be hearing a lot more from Famke in the future. Curious about Dansen In Het Donker? Then listen to it below!

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Famke Louise talks about her new music: “This is really my great passion”

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