Culture tips for Groningen and Drenthe: Togo All-Stars, Astrid See, The Housewives Don’t Exist, The Encounter and a Horse with No Name and Het Muzenhaus: Sam and Julia on a Trip

Go crazy to the beats of voodoo at Togo All Stars, travel with Grandpa Zyman or immerse yourself in young resistance fighters during a Holocaust Lecture. And that’s not all, read on!

Your own way is the best. But?

No Housewives focuses on three women who deal in very different ways with a combination of a relationship, work, children, friends, and family . Their own way is the best right? They are trying to convince each other of this.

Gijsje’s fear of pollution (29) symbolizes her fear of almost her entire life (“Mom, how long have you been using this cloth?”). Half-sister Marjolene, 39, takes everything as it comes, even if it doesn’t come (“With us, kids dump a plate of fried rice into their laps”). Mother Loes, 59, with her extravagant lifestyle is perhaps the most in life. The differences couldn’t be greater, but they do agree on one thing: housewives don’t exist anymore. Housewives do not exist Based on the movie of the same name which was nominated for a Golden Calf award.

Veendam – Culture and Convention Center in Pirstein, experience Thursday 8.15pm, €25

Holocaust Lecture ‘Don’t Name Names’

When Astrid Say was interning at the Holocaust Institute Yad Vashem in Jerusalem at the age of 22, she read an article from 1986 about a nursery school in Amsterdam. Six hundred Jewish children were saved from certain death during the occupation of the Netherlands in World War II. This story stuck with her and she decided to write a book about it.

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, C.V. in the synagogue talks about how her novel No Names came to be and the challenges she faced while writing it. . The writing process was a personal search for the experiences of young resistance fighters. What research preceded this? How did Astrid translate real history into a fictional novel? What topics does the book present? Sy is a historian, writer and presenter other times . Her book, published in 2021, is about three young women who rescue Jewish children from the hands of the Nazis during World War II.

Groningen – Synagogue, Thurs 4pm, free (registration is necessary and can be done via )

Voodoo Rhythms and Modern Afro Funk

If you want a good party, the Togo All Stars concert is well worth a visit. With their voodoo beats and modern afro funk, they turn the room upside down. Neighboring Togo and Benin are seen as the heart of voodoo culture, and it is an important core of the Togolese All Stars music.

Voodoo is about music where each deity has its own rhythm and chants, where good and evil, male and female are combined together and form an entity. One cannot do without the other. The Togo All-Stars wouldn’t exist without the band’s two stars: Agbolotofi Sexy and Dougie Alice.

Groningen – Fira, Saturday at 8.30 pm, €15

Addiction and the Trojan War

Actor Mads Wettermans tells us the meeting Comic about addiction. Pain, confrontation, grief, madness and imprisonment, he exposes in his theatrical way.

The Horse With No Name is about a withdrawn couple who exploit a legendary conflict to avoid having to name their pain. The horse is about to enter. Champagne is cold. The table is set. Barren and army plain. One last breath, then silence. A roaring god sounds from a high mountain. And so the fight begins. Heart pounding and armed to the teeth, a man and woman plunge into their own Trojan War.

Roden – Theater de Winsinghhof, Sat 8.15pm, €23

Home is where you feel the mouse

Grandpa sailor has sailed around the world in his ship. At least that’s what he tells in his stories Strong Sailors. His wife can prove this with a collection of postcards from around the world.

Sam and Julia relive Grandpa’s travels by talking and singing about them. Everywhere they go they meet other mice along with their home. When Sam and Julia also return home after the trip, they realize: home is where the mouse feels. Het Muizenhuis: Sam & Julia on a Journey is the sequel to Het Muizenhuis from four years ago, based on the book series written by Karina Schaapman.

Meppel – Schouwburg Ogterop, Sun 2pm, €12.50 (children up to 12 €9.50)

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