There is a lot of fun on the agenda for National Reading Days 2023

Image 1. Princess Laurentine kicks off National Reading Days again this year with a cozy reading breakfast. Image: CPNB Foundation

January 20, 2023
culture villager With a picture book on your lap, while your beloved offspring with their thumbs in their mouths listen to the most amazing stories about animals, children and special parties. warm moments. And who doesn’t have warm memories of the old reading hour before you had to go to bed? during the National Reading Days The best children’s books to read from the spotlight and there will be many Great activities Look around the corner! DagjeWeg.NL has listed a few for you.

Read breakfast

Reading is a great way to get toddlers and preschoolers to eat. Not for nothing that National Reading Days Every year with National Reading Breakfast, this year Wed 25 Jan. In many primary schools, libraries, playgroups and daycare centers, children are welcome to come and eat breakfast, while an unknown or unknown Dutch person from the 2023 picture book reads: Maximilian Modermann throws a party. So quickly check if the library in your hometown is participating too! National reading days last through Saturday, February 4th.

Not only schools and libraries participate! A selection of activities:

Image 2. Also this year, many activities revolve around the picture book of the year: Maximilian Modermann is throwing a party. Image: CPNB Foundation

Maximilian Modermann party

Katwijk by the sea A good start to the National Reading Days Wed 25 Jan It is Maximilian Modermann’s reading party at Katwijk Main Library. All children two to six years old are welcome from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM to enjoy the musical storytelling theater and balloon artist making balloon animals. Face painting, cupcake decorating, and hugs are all part of it, too. Bring your own plush toy!

a lot to do

Show them – Also Arnhemse Kinderboekwinkel It starts on January 25th National Reading Days with Maximilian Modermann Concert, Morning at 11:00 am. But they organize much more than that, like a drawing with Jan Gotti, illustrator of the picture book about Maximilian Moddermann. There will be a puppet show and also a morning of reading about Gruffalo. What? See the Arnhem Children’s Library agenda for more information!

Image 3. Come and draw in the children’s library in Arnhem with Jan Jutte, picture book illustrator of the year 2023. Image: Sven Scholten

Reading to older children

Harlem – Older children (from six years old) can continue Saturday 28 January Hear the thrilling story of Tori’s not-so-lonely journey at Boekhandel De Vries Van Stockum. About the exciting journey of Tori and his son through dark forests and underground passages when they are lost in a storm. Along the way they encounter wild animals and fantastic creatures. The author of the book reads the book herself from two o’clock in the afternoon.

Listen at home on the hill

Rotterdam – In Plaswijckpark they have a large indoor playground Het Huis in de Heuvel. There is also a reading corner and during the first weekend of National Reading Days, Op Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th JanuaryThe best children’s books are read here. Exciting, but also funny. This action by the park is preliminary to plans to improve the reading corner.

Stories in a castle

Muiden – You can even go to a castle to be read! They have one at Muiderslot Reading Day on January 29th And again Reading Day on February 4th In the beautiful castle church. The castle’s most famous resident, the writer PC Hooft, had already said in the 17th century that reading aloud makes you a nice person. And they are happy to cooperate with that in the end. Come and listen between 13:00 and 15:00! The stories are especially fun for children up to eight years old.

Photo 4. Allow yourself to be read in the castle! Photo: Muiderslot

Top 10 picture books of 2023

The reading out loud remains, of course, the end, for you and your children. Do you need inspiration? Then see the Top 10 Picture Books of 2023, every single one of them is a gem!

Deborah van de Leegraaf: Peekaboo! | Pete Wistra, Mies van Hout: Good dog! Naughty cat! | Marijek Teen Kate, Tgby Feldkamp: Special Bear | Steve Small: The Duck That Didn’t Love Water | Peter Judisapus: A Sea of ​​Love | Yvonne Jagtenberg: I’m not a baby! | Susan Strasser: Come on, let’s read a book! | Marjok Henriques No! Bunny said Eva Montanari What does the baby crocodile say in the nursery? | And, of course, the 2023 photo book, Jockje Ackfeld: Maximilian Modermann Throws a Party.

Image 5. Top 10 Picture Books of 2023. Image: Stichting CPNB

You will find more fun activities related to preschool and children’s books at the Children’s Book Museum in The Hague. Here, kids literally step into the world of Frog and His Friends, from the world-famous Max Velthuijs books. Among other things, they can hunt for treasure with Bear, skate with Duck, make donuts with Pig and do odd jobs with mice. Young people from the age of fourteen embark on a literary adventure at the fair BackstreetThey enter ten challenging rooms through dark alleyways. Like the thriller escape room and limousine, where they learn the seduction of language.

Image 6. Princess Laurentine kicks off National Reading Days again this year with a cozy reading breakfast. Image: CPNB Foundation

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