Successful start to the 2023 KNHS Youth Competitions

With the start of the summer season slowly approaching, the annual KNHS Topsport Youth competition also kicks off with Match One. The regular series of three matches and a contest, supported by Sjef Janssen Beheer BV and Morssinkhof-Rymoplast, kicked off on Sunday at De Voornruiters in Utrecht. New this year is the format in which the KNHS Topsport Youth competition and the KNHS Hartog Cup are played on the same day, forming one combined youth day.

“I think it’s good to have both competitions in one day. It’s a nice busy day with all the young racers together,” said national team coach Edwin Hugenrath. “There were structured courses set up for this first race. It was up to the mark, but with easy lines it kept a good rhythm.” According to the national coach, this led to nice runs among the participants.

flowed through

The main objective of the KNHS Topsport Youth Competition is to promote, develop and promote show jumping among young jockeys, juniors, kids and ponies.
Not many groups started in young riders, but both class winner Brett Shabbir and runner-up Kristi Snapfangers competed in the junior class last year and have now moved up to young riders.

The first and second

Nina Houtzager won in the children’s category. With her horse Chakotana she took first place and dethroned her second champion horse Elvis, who finished second in the final classification. Houtzager was also successful in the kids’ division last year. With her horse Fonia Again, she was able to reach the top in the first competition and in the final classification. She herself says: “De Meern is a lovely setting, this time it was again a lovely course with an inline jump. Both horses jumped very well, and both were double clear. I trained hard for this, and in the lead up to it I rode a lot From racing to get into rhythm. Besides, my secret is simply to do the shortest number of turns possible.”

Repeat results are good

Replication of good results also occurs in youngsters. Alicia Buquin finished first with DiCaprio’s 47. Runner-up was reserved for Nick Nunning, who won the KNHS Topsport Junior Junior in 2022. Ava Eden van Grunsven, who finished third in the final standings for colts last year, finished second. On Sunday during the first competition of the pony competition. First in that category was Yfke Priem with Zafarano vh Gehucht Z.

Lots of quality

The competition continues in Lichtenvoorde on February 5, 2023, followed by a match on March 11 in Exloo. The venue and final date will be announced as soon as possible.
National coach Edwin Hugenrath is optimistic about next season. “A number of horses show great prospects for the future. We have a great group of high quality rookies. I’ve also seen interesting baby jockeys. With the colts I know what I’ve got but I’ve also seen a number of new faces. We are now slowly working towards national championships and state competitions. Hoogenraat concludes With advice he wants to impart to his young riders: “Don’t focus directly on the European Championships, but focus on a fun summer with great competitions!”

KNHS Hartog Cup

During the KNHS-Hartog Trophy competition, the combinations were judged by Johan and Megan Laseur. Riders immediately received practical advice after their ride. The judges look back on the day with relief and were impressed by the high quality of the youngsters. “Especially among the youngsters, there is a very large group of riders who all ride very precisely. Of course you see that the kid riders have less experience at this level, but we also saw very nice riders. The young riders are up against a large group of elite riders with a lot of experience According to Johan, the pony riders include a few very good combos which clearly show that the riders are really seriously involved in the sport.”All in all a very successful day!”

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KNHS Topport Youth Competition 2023:
Lichtenvoorde. February 5, 2023
Exloo. March 11, 2023
Final March – May 2023

results The best sports competition

Children’s entry test 1.10 / 1.30 two phases

  1. Kristi Snapfangers – Lucifer from Millstream, 0/0 31.39
  2. Renz Grotelaar – Courageous 0/0 32.28
  3. Brett Westov – Candide van de Langevus Z, 0/0 33.64

KNHS Topsport Youth Competition for Kids (1.20m)

  1. Nina Hotsager-Chacotana, 0/0 40.66
  2. Nina Hotzager – Champion Elvis, 0/0 41.55
  3. Nick Steeghs-Gladstone V, 0/0 44.98

KNHS Topsport Junior Competition (1.35m)

  1. Alicia Buquin – DiCaprio 47, 0/0 37.67
  2. Nick Nanning Pandya, 0/0 39.73
  3. Quinten Ter Harmsel Unicstar de Courcy EB, 0/0 39.83.83

KNHS Topsport Junior Competition (1.40m)

  1. Brett Shabbir – Gaidam Sohn nd Z, 0/0 42.08.2018
  2. Kristi Snapfangers – Inspiration Millstream, 0/0 46.12

Ponies Walk-in Trial 2 Two Stages

  1. Noa Fransen – Pjotr ​​van de Groenheuvel
  2. Guusje Gaasbeek – I. Easter Ivy HBL

Top KNHS Sports Competition Ponies (1.20m)

  1. Ivki Prim – Zafarano vh Hamlet Z, 0/0 42.18
  2. Ava Eden van Grunsven – Special Lady, 0/0 42.41
  3. Noa Fransen – Pjotr ​​van de Groenheuvel, 0/4 40.33

Results KNHS Hartog Trophy

1. Brett and Justov-Ogono
2. Stella Higglers – Creative Jessica
3. Mike Liusink – Gino

1. Siebe Leemans – Estoril Du Cedre
2. Jesse Perkins – Lapphira H.
3. Siebe Leemans – Gem vd Riloo Z

Young knights
1. Renee Hazeleger – Pippi L
2. Renee Hazelger – Joy de Vigo RT
3 – Amy Hirsen – La Paul B.

1. Stella Heigliger – Thistage Jr
2. Fimke Showman – Paulsbury Berry
3. Tessie van der Velden – Ballard Prince

Source: KNHS

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