Condition: Fifteen years in prison and TBS for abusing babysitters

“A disgusting case of sex that makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand on end. A series of atrocities committed by two suspects acted completely calculating and immoral.”

Prosecutor Gerty Bergers attempted to express her disgust at the abuse of seven young babysitters during her closing address in Den Bosch on Monday. met Nancy D. (54 years old) from Hill and Peter S. (59) from Herkenbosch in Limburg met each other in early 2018 and had a sadomasochistic relationship with each other from the start. She referred to him as “Master” and “God” among other things. He addressed her as a “bitch” and a “whore”. They also used the names of the two Nazi executioners among themselves.

With the passage of time, the relationship became more extreme and S. also devised the option of child abuse. Came with d monitor as a cover. registered dr. In two babysitting locations and thus contacted six families from North Brabant. The indictment issued by the Public Prosecution Office included 20 “proven” cases related to the abuse of seven girls, between the ages of one and six years. Dr.. Wes. They called their victims “kabes” (statues). Abuse by D. was turned into “video clips” (video clips) for personal use, and in some cases S. conducted. Video calls during abuse.

Robert M.

The Public Prosecution Service is asking for fifteen years unconditional imprisonment and TBS with compulsory treatment for both suspects. The only more or less similar case in the Netherlands is that against Robert M. and his wife in a sexual assault case in Amsterdam. However, there was more widespread abuse (proven for 67 children) and more extensive distribution of child pornography produced. Twenty years in prison and TBS with compulsory treatment were requested against M. at that time.

S has always been in charge. But despite the inequality in their sexual relationship, D. was not impotent, according to the prosecutor. She took her own responsibility, in some cases she took the initiative and in some cases she went further than S. had already suggested in their contacts. In addition, the woman treated the victims “coldly and harshly,” showing no sensitivity to their expressions of fear and grief. “She considered children in those moments as a tool and, in her own words, turned the key in her conscience.”

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As did dr. drugged her daughter (she was sixteen at the time). I imagined she and S. previously regarding abuse. It has not been proven that it came from that.

Experts have also recommended TBS for S. pylori, also because of the risk of recurrence. The risk was assessed by Dr. Because she was visibly ashamed of her actions after the arrest. At the same time, it became clear that there were in fact no good ways to measure the risk of female offenders. The Public Prosecution refers to the repentance of Dr. as “socially desirable behavior” and does see an opportunity to re-offend: the woman even said she would not rule out a new cup of coffee with S. if invited to do so. .

Infrared camera

The abuse case came to light on June 12, 2021, after parents returned from an evening at the movies, and then Dr. left. Because of their daughter’s disturbed sleep behavior, the parents hung an infrared camera in her room and the father decided to view the photos taken that night. The abuse that could be seen then made the parents decide to go to the police. Arrested that night, S. a day later. On Monday, the prosecutor asked how many victims would still be there if D. and S. had not been arrested, and whether S.

Lawyers for Dr. Their speech expresses sympathy for the victims and their parents. Lawyer Ivo van de Burgh noted that his client had no criminal record yet, expressed remorse, and publicly cooperated in the investigation and was considered less responsible. Therefore, we believe that ten years is appropriate and unconditionally required. pedophilia, the lack of a private past as an abused child and the fact that the relationship with S. is now over.” According to De Crom, the TBS measure for D. is not appropriate in this case.

Q’s attorney will speak on Tuesday. The court will decide this case on March 13.

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