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For the tenth time, Ketnet has organized the Gala of the Golden K’s, an award show for who was the most popular according to last year’s Ketnetters. It appears that 144 lots have already been awarded in the last 10 years. This version delivered a particularly lackluster show full of awkwardly binding scripts full of nonsense that hopelessly took the momentum — if anything in the show — out of the TV show. It’s time to reflect and celebrate, dear Ketnett. Because that wasn’t good TV.

The primary goal was to see who would win the battle between the #LikeMe actresses. Because both CAMILLE and Pommelien Thijs have been nominated twice. Both are in the same category: most popular artist and best song (“No Tears Left” by CAMILLE and “Unusual” by Thijs). Pommelien Thijs won Song of the Year with “Unusual” and managed to take revenge after missing out on “Summer” last year. Uma van de Mol was allowed to unmask the winner in the Best Artist category and Ole Wanape did a great parody of the nominees. Not only was CAMILLE ‘moeded’ at Paleis 12, but she also won Best Female Artist, so the number of awards among #LikeMe artists is pretty well split this edition. Camille thought it was an honor, and thanked her team and everyone who voted for her. And she didn’t forget her mom and dad either.

“Party of the Year” opened with various characters emerging from a large gift that looked suspiciously like the one Marie Verhulst brought during Samson and Gert’s farewell party last year. As always, the wrappers tried to put together a good opening song, but again failed. Even a robotic singer cannot hide their lack of singing talent and vocal stability.

“Young Leaf” or “Drowning Chick” Carmen Waterslaeghers, as Natalia, already won the Golden K award ten years ago. They offered the best actor award, but first they had to get the old thing flick on. The award ultimately went to Francisco Schuster (Yemi in #LikeMe). Then Sven de Leger awarded the Youtube hit to Furtjuh & Simply Thomas. Before that, he and Gloria Monserez went with the love camera in the audience of Paleis 12 in search of a single grandparent and grandmother to hook them up Römantiek-wise and put them in the love seat while ‘Je t’ aime moi non plus’ and a ‘careless whisper’ could be heard.

CAMILLE mimed “In the rain” and “No dears left”. At the start of her performance, it was clear she was overexposed, and we heard the snippets being fired into the room, but we didn’t see them during the broadcast. The outfit from the evening was presented to last year’s winner: Francisco. Isa van Down’s ball was the fastest on the podium and won the award. Like every year, we gave it to Sarah Mohamed. Because damn it, in terms of glitz and glamour, she played everyone in the house except maybe Gloria Monserez. Sarah and Sander also celebrated their 10 years as covers on Paleis 12. But if you ask us, it’s Sarah and Gloria who have the most potential for growth as family show hosts.

With quotes from kids giving advice from their mom, “That’s What My Mom Said” began by Metejoor, whose song, oddly enough, was not nominated for the Golden K “Song of the Year.” Genus and Aster danced like rhinos and dinos, or so it seemed. It turned out that they were dancers. The two presenters then pitched The Masked Dancer as an idea to their bosses. They presented the award for Best Song to Uncommon by Pommelien Thijs. Metegor already competed for the title of Artist of the Year, but had to forfeit. During his performance he divided the room into two parts and would sing one against the other.

Danira will soon be presenting the “most important media awards” and according to Sander, these are the Kastaars. Won Best Family Program Award. The Princess of Vanmesges was allowed to smash the piñata Danera was carrying, and it’s not surprising that the tag “Masked Diva” came out of her. Reggie performed the “half-time show” from a donut-shaped DJ booth. For this occasion we heard Nachtwacht and GameKeepers in the mix. Incidentally, we noticed how much Studio 100 product placement was at the Golden K’s, even though Schelle’s production company didn’t take home any awards. We repeat: Studio 100 was left empty-handed. The one who could save Reggie’s party a little was – “Wow that was!” – Pauline with gravity powered by lasers, CO2 jets, fireworks and confetti.

Even after that, there were no surprises to be noticed. #LikeMe takes home the trophy for Best Ketnet Series. Hanne wasn’t in the K3 yet — still missing the third wheel — to present the TikTok star award, Julia sadly said. Then Julia takes the baby, Ben, from the audience, who helps them blow up the balloon. Finally Steffi Mercy’s face appeared.

During a variety that brought #LikeMe, a mix that wasn’t as smooth as during their summer set, we heard Marco Borsato’s “Who” by Sally and Francesco, Lotte de Klerk performed “Will You Dance with Me All Night Long”, Pommelien “Dance for you”, they all sang ” Morning gymnastics”, Maksim performed “A woman is”, Sali performed “Opposite Party” and ended with “We are fine”. The #LikeMe crew dressed in black and gold for the occasion.

James Cook put his gold balloon “clean in Glovik” and then, with Samson and Mary, gave us the Golden K Award for Surprise of the Year, for which we’re not surprised to be nominated. Figure skater Loena Hendrickx won it and didn’t really know what to say. Oscar and the Wolf then released “Warrior” with lasers and flames, clearly bypassing the Ketnet crowd in the meantime. nothing lasts forever’…

Heroes who, like the Golden K’s and Viktor’s party, have been around for ten years — for Viktor, the #LikeMe team sang “Happy Birthday” for the occasion — are finally allowed to give away the last prize, after a bit of Maureen Vanherberghen’s hair cannonball caught fire. The award eventually went to Karrewiet. “What an idea!” It turned out to be one of the few good, smooth transitions of Teggs’ closing performance as she exclaimed “What an idea!” and “unusual” are linked together.

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