Relief at Grobbendonk now that the pipeline hasn’t come in (for now): “Book a table right away to hear the good news” (Zandhoven)

Grobendonck, Schotten, Massenhofen

“Anything they put in the freezer can be thawed again. But by itself we’re very comfortable. We’ve got to pop a bottle for this,” I said to my wife. Quinn Verfait and his wife, Christel Vertumeen, who have lived in limbo for more than two years about Whether the villa with a pool in Groubendonk, the removal of the main street on Friday evening in a restaurant in Herentals A thousand kilograms fall off the shoulders of everyone involved.

The house of the beautiful gardener Mama Calinka is where the main street will continue.© Â ID / Gregory van Jansen

Nancy Hermans and her husband Jan Augustins (third and second from left) in April 2021 during a protest. The pipes would have entered directly through this gate.© Yes

Eighty homes were threatened with confiscation. The route was along the E313, passing through the De Lindekens residential area of ​​Grobbendonk, directly past the living room of Christel Vertommen and her husband Koen Verwerft in Dennenlaan. Quinn is an independent plumber. “We’ve lived here for twenty years. This house is part of life’s work. My work is located here, too. This afternoon I received a phone call from Alderman Pascal Van Noten of N-VA at Herentals. ‘Quinn,’ he said, ‘I have good news for you.'” According to him, this is really off course.”

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Years of uncertainty have weighed heavily on Quinn and Krystal. “Twenty years later we wanted to paint our house and make some renovations. But we didn’t dare to start. Ten more houses on our street will be forfeited. I’m happy for those people too. A young couple had just bought a house when news came of those pipes.”

Queen and Crystal’s garden comes to a standstill on the E313. “They told us we could help look for alternatives. My suggestion was to put those pipes in the Albert Canal. But that wasn’t possible. They could build windmills in the sea, but the idea of ​​building a pipeline in the canal was impossible. Frankly, we lost sleep over it.”


At Schotten, Mama Kalinka’s Nancy Hermans breathed a sigh of relief. Her home and catering business were threatened, because Pipeline Street ran through the home of the quintessential gardener where she runs her ice cream parlor. This is done in two of the three ways. She responded last year: “It’s no longer about disorder, it’s about injustice.”

On Friday, a call from the Gruunrant puts an end to Nancy’s suspicions. It is, of course, the decision of the current government, and no one can predict how the next government will feel about it. But the mind returned. The rationale for not taking people’s homes for a pipeline is in this decision. Many houses in Limburg appear to have been threatened as well. Sahel Demir (N-VA) will want to reassure its supporters as next year’s election approaches. I’m glad there’s finally a connection. When clients ask me questions—because I’ve been getting them all along—I can now finally answer.”

Edwin and Sandra last year at neighbor Jimmy and Tiny’s shooting booth.© kma

Bathroom renovation

The Greater Zandhoven was particularly hard hit, since there are quite a few houses next to the E313 motorway in the sub-municipalities of Versailles and Massenhofen. At least eighteen homes disappeared according to two of the three methods. Including part of a new social housing property in Versel that is barely eight years old. They were also difficult years for Edwin Claes (60) and Sandra Tess (52), who live in Kanalstraat in Massenhofen. 25 years ago they experienced the same nightmare. The ink on their home deed — which said they lived in an area not subject to forfeiture — had barely dried when plans suddenly surfaced that the Iron Rhine would run through their living room.

“Fortunately, the railway that was supposed to connect the port of Antwerp with the Ruhr region died a quiet death. It cost us sleepless nights,” says Sandra. “And now again. We wanted to renovate our bathroom, but we put off this work. With energy prices soaring, we’ll be putting off bathroom renovations again. But by itself we will sleep better.

Their neighbors Tenny Mellis and Jimi Hendrix, a married couple in their 40s, will also be forfeited. While they had just renovated their house, and since the fair sellers could not do without a large barn in their house. “They also postponed their landscaping,” Sandra says. “I’ll make them happy right away, because they probably don’t know that either.”

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