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Shopping fun in the legal European jungle.

While the political patronage, pressure and nepotism of the business community in The Hague amount to official bribery in the criminal trial against Richard de Moss, half of the cabinet members travel to Davos to speak to international business life. If you look at where retired politicians end up, that’s also the job application process. This is not a conflict of interest, this is an orgy.

Professor Wim Formans found that the connection between Richard de Moss and some moneylenders is very close. I’m curious what he thinks of texting Hugo de Jonge about the face mask issue, for example. (pdf). It is my understanding that he cannot find any text messages from Mark Root or the rest of the Ministry of Public Affairs, because no one can find those documents.

The fact that Mayor Krikke did not want to issue night passes due to lack of police capacity shows that we are no longer allowed to celebrate weddings at night, for example, because criminals rule the streets. Finally, Krikke bowed as her stance wavered in the flames. Extortion and bribery are not an incident, but general backroom policy.

I would like to know how many Dutch priests are without sin. What government official could spend years eavesdropping, observing, and building a 15,000-page dossier without finding comparable mud? If we only look for capable individuals who are flawless, we will find no one to cast the first stone.

The House of Representatives cannot check the Cabinet, because after months of pre-cooking in the ministries, MPs receive their documents only 24 hours before the debate, one day after the notification. This is always an insult to democracy. Thousands of civil servants take their time, and only a Member of Parliament can pass through it. There was no news value anymore, so they weren’t asked about anything anymore.

It is very nice that the criminal file of the National Criminal Investigation Department was leaked to Newsur for the voter to have this Trial by the media Long before the indirect elections to the Senate. Or can I too? It is still surprising that Geert Wilders was allowed to report to the scaffold twice for a few statements, and the whole childcare allowance issue does not lead to a single indictment.

This file has tens of thousands of victims, but no perpetrators. The Cabinet, the Council of State, the lying state attorneys, the juvenile judges and the tax authorities have apologized for their stupid credulity, the countless crimes, theft of children and the unnecessary financial ruin of families. She’s like Madame Ghislaine Maxwell, hundreds of exploited girls, with no clients…

As an American journalist, you report very critically on Davos, your baggage will be searched, you will be slapped and interrogated at length. The Department of Homeland Security put a cross after its name. Without subpoena, claim or court order. Exactly the same way parents were silenced in the Netherlands, childless, homeless, and broken.

The importance of good international relations was emphasized when our Minister of Agriculture, Piet Adema, failed at the European Commission. Our farmers have not been held back enough yet. From March 1, 2023, the reins will be further tightened. Our sovereignty is gone, European bureaucrats demand immediate and full compliance Some suffer.

The Dublin standard has not been applied, causing our asylum system to collapse and increasing our housing shortage. A hotel in Tübergen has been taken over by the state, but has yet to be used as an emergency shelter. A nitrogen calculation must first be made, since no building permit has been applied for in the municipality. Apparently there is no emergency.

The EU has more than one and a half times the maximum budget deficit and government debt (PDF & PDF). While the European Union tries to keep energy supplies afloat and conserve the climate, Germany shuts down nuclear power plants and demolishes villages for lignite. Germany happily trades cleanest energy for most polluting, but is there no place for nitrogen for our homes, farmers and asylum seekers?

Can someone explain to me why Brussels is still chasing our farmers to the grave? Why is one rule sacred and the other ink on paper? Why is the Netherlands such a tight puppy, while Europe’s money bunnies are wide open to Internet recipients? The image determines the political momentum, and this momentum determines the European rules that still apply.

The top 100 dairy farms have an average of nearly 500 dairy cows. Of the 250 cows we actually call a huge barn. This is a sweet piece framing. There is a real farm in Qatar with 25,000 Friesian cows. This is just a huge stable. Nitrogen is a Dutch problem. Cows are pampered, otherwise very little milk will come out. God punish immediately.

We should not be afraid of what our government is arranging for Davos, we should be afraid of what they are arranging for themselves. Politicians prefer to conclude international treaties for maximum benefit. Years later, it only becomes clear what kind of gallows they moved us. Farmers have lived longer than ours, but they may be the first to clear the field. You are the second.

Either we impose every European law or we don’t.

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