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On Saturday the 21st of January, Jackie Stewart shared his thoughts on who he thinks are the best drivers in the world and his first three are all British. DRS is not going away and we can expect the possible introduction of active aerodynamics in 2026, Pat Symonds said. Max Verstappen gets his own runway at the Spanish Grand Prix. He won his first Formula 1 race there, at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Toto Wolff tells us that he thinks Christian Horner is a maniac and that he’s in over his head. Aston Martin confidently enters a new season, but warns porpoises won’t completely disappear. There’s good news for Max Verstappen fans: he believes he will be competitive in 2023 too, as Red Bull is said to have applied some great ideas to the new RB19.

Stewart: “Britain now has three of the best drivers in the world”

Three-time world champion Jackie Stewart is still full of praise for Lewis Hamilton, but hopes George Russell or Lando Norris will win the world title this year. The former champion believes Britain has the most talented drivers in the field with the trio: “There’s a great group of people at the moment. We now have three of the best drivers in the world in Britain,” says the 83-year-old. The fact that Mercedes is officially a German team bothers Stewart a bit, but in the end the team is based in Brackley. “You have Lewis who wins over and over again with a German car company, unfortunately. But this German car company has all its F1 cars.” [Brackley]Because Britain is the technology capital of motorsport.” Read more? click here!

F1: “DRS remains, active aerodynamics towards 2026 for more overtakes”

Formula 1 Technical Director Pat Symonds has confirmed that DRS will remain a part of the sport for the time being. In addition to new regulations to be implemented around engines in 2026, the FIA ​​is also considering making active DRS aerodynamics in the future to make cars more efficient: “DRS will not disappear, because it is fully active aerodynamics. DRS reduces drag. I always thought we should We create more downforce. Because what does the car behind it do? Yes, it has less drag, but what’s holding things back is the loss of downforce. Our idea is to increase downforce to the level it would be if there wasn’t a car in front of it.” Read more? click here!

Verstappen gets her own runway in Barcelona over the F1 race weekend

Max Verstappen already has a great deal of influence through his fans in many places on the F1 calendar, and in 2023 this will only increase. Verstappen will get his own runway at the Spanish Grand Prix. According to the site, the Tribune G will be entirely dedicated to Verstappen fans. Verstappen’s official website reports this on their site. “In 2023, you will also find Max Verstappen’s official runway for the first time during the Spanish Grand Prix. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is the circuit where Max took his first Formula 1 victory in 2016. A special place for many Max Verstappen fans.” Read more? click here!

Wolf on Horner: “I’m in his head, and it’s like I’m living there without paying rent.”

Toto Wolff has the idea that he is “in the head” of Christian Horner. Since the title battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in 2021, the relationship between the two drivers has been very strained. in conversation with times He lets Wolfe know he’s under the impression that Horner is too busy for him. “I’m in his head, like I’m living there without paying rent. This guy’s a freak. Every second I spend talking about Horner is a waste of time in my life.” Read more? click here!

Aston Martin on porpoise in 2023: ‘It won’t completely go away’

Eric Blandin, Aston Martin’s technical director, believes new regulations in 2023 won’t make the sea bugs disappear entirely: “It’s something that’s associated with these regulations. You have big tunnels that bring air under the car. The car is very low and there’s, as it were, a skirt that’s been done.” Created by the floor rim and the air enclosure – this combination makes the car vulnerable to porpoising.” Read more? click here!

Verstappen also believes he will be competitive in 2023: “We have a lot of great ideas.”

Max Verstappen will try to win his third world championship in 2023. However, Red Bull Racing received a fine for exceeding the budget cap, which affected the development of the RB19 car. However, the Dutchman is convinced that the Austrian team will get a competitive car next season: “It will definitely affect us, but how much exactly? I don’t know yet,” says the defender, who was awarded a penalty for exceeding the budget cap. . “I am convinced that the team, the people we have, can use this as an extra motivation to try and do better. And I know they always give their best, of course. But we have a very competitive car and I think we have a lot of great ideas, including for the car. For next season, hopefully, that will be enough.” Read more? click here!

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