“A complete holiday, but it’s nice to be together for a long time.”

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Jeddy, 36, toured with husband Adrian and daughters Ella, 9, and Lulu, 4, for a month between Los Angeles and San Francisco, before flying to New York. A journey full of adventure and impressions.

“only on one occasion did my youngest daughter ask if she could come home to buy her Elsa dress. Besides, the fact that we were on vacation longer was a positive rather than a negative. When we were away for two weeks, I would soon find myself thinking about the end of the holiday “Now that we’ve been traveling for four weeks, I felt less anxious. I had all the time to just enjoy. I felt like we were more involved with the community rather than just visiting as tourists.”

Diverse landscapes

I was once in San Francisco with Adrian and we were curious to see what else could be discovered in that area. Last summer it finally happened. I love the desert very much, Adrian is more inclined to the mountains and sports activities.

Fortunately, we encountered a lot of both during our trip. Because it amazes me again and again: how diverse the landscape is between Los Angeles and San Francisco. And the climate: sometimes we went from 38 to 18 degrees in one day. In Los Angeles it sometimes looked almost Mediterranean, but down in Joshua Tree it was desert-like with idiosyncratic trees. Then we headed to the coast, where I felt English and the climate was cool: a whole different world.

We traveled from dry to cold, and from close to thicket.

Big Sur, another coastal area in California, was more sprawling in the Atlantic Ocean, with rocks, forests with the tallest trees in the world, and crazy yellow mountains with dry grass. Then to Yosemite National Park, where we suddenly traveled between steep, rocky walls. I was always amazed at how quickly everything changed from dry to cold, from a little bushy to jungle, and that we could tag it all in one trip.

America road trip to los angeles san francisco America road trip to los angeles san francisco

Death Valley

Before I left I was actually a little afraid of Death Valley. It is one of the hottest places on earth and I can imagine our car breaking down and just standing there on the side of the road, in the heat, with no cover. But the opposite happened. We were out of Las Vegas for a while when we saw dark clouds approaching. We already knew storms were coming, but yeah, what can you do with that, how does that work? We asked someone at the gas station. He looked at our car, saw it was four-wheel drive and said: That’s going to be good, keep driving.

After crossing the California border, we got an emergency alert on our phone: “Turn around!” A matter of life or death!

But moments later, just outside the California border, we got an emergency alert on our phone: “Turn around! A matter of life or death! Take the road just to escape! At that moment I panicked: what should we do? Meanwhile the kids were listening to music in the back seat and didn’t notice anything.

We decided to take refuge in a seedy-looking casino, and then, when it was quieter, we drove to Death Valley. She was there in the meantime Signal lights Huge streams of water arise. Sharif led us through the mudslides. When I saw him, I felt relieved. But I also realized how vulnerable we are and how powerful nature is.

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in its own way

I found Joshua Tree to be one of the most beautiful places on our trip. It was like a warm, calm bubble as the world seemed more and more dispersed, as if everything was muffled by sand. Then we headed straight to Las Vegas. That was a bit of a shock. After five minutes in town, my daughter pulled me in, saying, “I want to go back.” ‘I do not like this.’

“Joshua Tree was a warm, calm bubble in which the world seemed to spread out”

We didn’t get to look at it a little further until the next day and see what it was all like up there. People walked around with huge sized puppies and we saw how Americans recreated all sorts of things in their own way, like Venice, the Eiffel Tower or a comical Roman palace. We passed a kind of art installation called Omega-Mart: a surreal supermarket with a refrigerator turned into a portal to another world, full of slides and snack installations. Very strange, but the kids thought it was really cool.

My daughter was recently allowed to make a list of things she loves for her holidays at school. You mentioned the giant sequoias, the space shuttle at the Science Center, and of course the weird freezer in Las Vegas. But also in a store in San Francisco where they sold little Japanese dolls – it excited her just as much, and honestly it did too.

America road trip to los angeles san francisco

full programme

We didn’t really leave the specification: I knew perfectly well where we were going, where we were going to sleep. The program was quite full, maybe we were too excited. This is how we ended our trip in New York, which was too busy and too hot for us.

Along the way, I sometimes feared that the kids would be too much, and that I would burden them with our desires. And at times, my son found it a little difficult to be on the road all the time. But overall it was a very nice time, especially in California. To be together for a long time. And after all the hustle and bustle, our capital city felt like a village after coming home. Wonderfully calm, sometimes gentle.”

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At the California Science Center, for example, you can see the space shuttle. It is not only about the universe, but also about nature. Admission was free, like many other museums in the United States.


the games

Nice old arcade games can be found at Musee Mécanique in San Francisco. fantastic place.


fairy tale

As if you’ve ended up in a fantasy forest, this is how Muir Woods near San Francisco feels. Giant tall trees. Charm.

nice place

A nice mix of educational and beautiful is the Griffith Observatory. At this observatory you have a great view of Los Angeles


America road trip to los angeles san francisco

to sleep


Outside Los Angeles, you’ll find the Sierra Madre, an eerie place. Wonderfully quiet and you can take beautiful mountain walks.



Joshua Tree is a magical, otherworldly place where you can totally relax. Our cottage had a lovely interior.

thejoshuatreehouse.com, thejoshuatreehouse.com

Find gold

This lodge is perfectly set up for children. In the river next to it you can find real gold.


America road trip to los angeles san francisco America road trip to los angeles san francisco

to eat

Delicious tacos

Taco trucks can be found all over L.A. Leo’s Taco Truck is one of the most popular. The oldest of them was a huge fan of tacos, which she could have invested in herself.


Add the fish

Mercado La Paloma in Los Angeles was a surprise. Something for everyone at this food court, but the Holbox tacos with fresh fried fish were a favorite.


muy bean

In Barceloneta in Santa Cruz we ate the best tapas of Spain.


to have fun

At Gayle’s Bakery (also Santa Cruz), you stand among the locals who come quickly to get a snack. The pastries are delicious, especially the Cinnamon Sugar Downtowner.


America road trip to los angeles san francisco America road trip to los angeles san francisco

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