Wild love for pets: photo shoots, holiday parties…

Brutal love is the catchy title of a new series about pets. It is best said about the mad love of pets. Although, of course, owners of cats, dogs, hamsters, birds or whatever they see is very different.

Bringing pets into the office isn’t that weird anymore, if you’ve seen this series. sideways wrote about it before. The word “Minded” in the title at the top of this article doesn’t sound very nice. But the sender Brutal love The radio show, KRO-NCRV, talks about “How Love for Our Pets Can Turn Mad”. The series is online as Brandpunt+ and can be watched on NPO 3’s YouTube channel from today.

Brutal love in a can on the tube

At the end of the working week we see such a “crazy” streak sideways Do not sit down. At least Eric Yonk from the TV department Look at the tube we will. Not a pet owner, he was rarely invited to a lavish dog party. But looking at her? Ha!

From dangerous feral cats to slithering snakes and from harmless hamsters to sweet dogs and cats, we have all kinds of pets running and frequenting our country. What animal lovers can do for their loved ones seems to be limitless: professional photo shoots, elaborate birthday parties and thousands of euros in endless accessories… everything is pulled from the closet to lock down (and post on social media) the love of these four-legged friends .

Jill calls her Chihuahua “daughter”

So the madness comes from the unconditional love of pets, according to KRO-NCRV. This is left to the participants who apply Brutal love He was not allowed to watch the filming at all. We only see complete surrender (it sounds cute, though). We have Jill (33 years old) and Chihuahua Josie. Juicy turns 13 and is widely celebrated. Complete with dog party planner, dog cake, dog friends, dog balloons, dog garlands and dog gifts. “The child’s birthday is being celebrated, and so is my dog.”

Brutally love pets pets
Jill and her juicy. Photo: KRO-NCRV

Balance the internal content of pets

Pets that are a bit off the beaten path have also been thought of. Then you go to holistic dog behavior trainer Kesley (24), for example. She helps others form a better bond with their four-legged friend using gems and essential oils—and with the help of her colleague: the dog Pommel. What happened to these gems? Well, something that “balances the inner content of a four-legged friend.” We see an example of a dog who gets bitten regularly, very sad. His owner has always kept the animal away from his four-legged friends, “so he doesn’t speak dog language.”

They exist, pet authors

And then, you can wait for it, we also have influencers. Petfluencers, because they’re called “pets.” Petfluencer Debbie (30) has four British Shorthairs. The cats have their own Instagram account with over 30,000 followers where they pose with bows, headbands, and hats. It goes.

Brutal love It shows, however, very delicately, another side. Xana, 25, works for the Dutch Consumer and Food Safety Authority and shows how exotic animal preservation can go wrong. Flores is an animal ambulance volunteer. He shares his knowledge of animals on social media to inspire other young people and create awareness about animal welfare. Daphne volunteers with an animal rights organization and actively hunts poachers to catch and film them in action.

sound up Brutal love He asks a valid question. Who are the bosses and pet bosses that do all this “stuff” anyway? Are they doing this out of unconditional love for their animal? Or maybe especially for you? Judge for yourself…

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Crazy love for pets: photo shoots, holiday parties and thousands of dollars worth of accessories

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