We got married last year, but I want to go skiing.

Inag: “I have been working as a funeral director for five years. Before that, I was a manager in call centers and help desks for many years. At 28 I had my first funeral and thought: Wow, how beautiful, how intense. Four years later, my best friend died by suicide And I got a goodbye that just didn’t fit in, I guess. I lost a few loved ones and I felt like I wanted to do something about it. I quit in 2015, I was tired of filling out Excel sheets over and over, and I wanted to work with people.”

Son: “She was going to train as a funeral director. I didn’t expect this shift to come.”

Engy: “I’ve already done volunteer work in a nursing home and sometimes help out with funerals. In 2017 I started freelancing for funeral organizations. That took some getting used to. You have to be ready at a moment’s notice. I was also afraid of forgetting things. Hence It is also a sector where different rules apply to each municipality. That was a huge pressure.”

SonShe can also arrange my funeral. Sometimes relatives are at the door with a bouquet of flowers. And based on what they tell her, I think she’s doing a really good job.”

Engy“Every funeral is different. Sometimes people arrange almost everything themselves, other times I do most of it. You need many skills for this: working methodically, financial insight, conversational techniques, a sense of script, and keeping people together. But That’s what makes work fun.”

Son: „After the funeral, we often have a drink in the evening and Angie tells us what she experienced that day. In the past, when I was still a buyer’s mentor at my contractor company, I would sometimes tell roughly similar stories of experiences I had with buyers. I recently became a business planner there and am now really involved in construction again.”


Engy: “We form a complex family, we both have a daughter from a previous relationship. My daughter lives with us.”

Son: “My daughter lives in Drenthe, but I am in contact with her every day.”

Engy: „Jor and I were already dating in high school, but then he fell in love with his ex and that ended when he met me again. Our mothers were friends, so we’ve heard a lot about each other.”

Son: “We got married last year.”

Engy: “When my daughter left home, I don’t want to live together anymore, but I do want to go skiing. In a house next to or over Gore. Living together was never a real need of mine, though it’s very nice with Gore.”

Son: “At first I had to get used to this idea. We’ve been living together for seven years now. I find it hard that Angie doesn’t live here. But it might also be nice to have your own place.”

Engy: “I have always lived more alone than together. I prefer my own house. There is always a difference in approach between partners. A lot of time is wasted on counseling… Is the dog out yet? Is the rubbish already on the street? This issue of the day does not make life Really exciting. But most importantly, I love being alone. Sometimes I don’t have time to finish my thoughts.”

Son: “If we start living separately, we won’t have that anymore. So the quality of the relationship will increase.”

Engy: “How we will implement it in practice, we’ll see.”

Son: “When the interest rate was very low, we had the idea of ​​putting a floor above my house where Inge would live. But now that the interest rates are going up, we put that idea on hold for a while.”

mobile home

Engy: “What are we going to do after we retire? Fun stuff. I like to go to concerts and museums. For example, a few years ago we spent a few days together in Amsterdam. To Albert Cuyp, lunch, that made me happy.”

Son: “Yes, we share our time together.”

Engy: “Now we often get tired of our work to make the weekend really enjoyable together. And time to myself, I want that too after I retire. Now I meditate every day.”

Son: “I play the guitar. At the beginning of the corona period, I gave myself the guitar and took lessons. Now I play music with friends every Sunday. It’s really good to learn from each other. Those hours fly by.”

Engy: “Yeah, you’re always so happy out there.”

Son: “What is very convenient is that we recently got a motorhome. We are no longer on holiday, but to Noordwikerhout.”

Engy“We live frugally. We look for things on Marktplaats, and also for clothes. For my work, I always have to look presentable and I recently managed to buy a new pair of trousers for €180 for €40.”

Son: “And we like good food, but at home.”

Engy: “Instead of central heating, we now burn a pellet stove.”

injustice: “Are we happy? Awesome happy. This is completely separate from wanting to go skiing.”

Engy: “Being able to discuss things like that has strengthened our relationship.”

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