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LEMELERVELD – a clothing library?! yes! On Wednesday, January 25, 2023, at 4 p.m. at Handelsweg 20 in Lemelerveld, the first clothing bookstore in Overijssel will open, including a living shop window and appropriate music presented by students from Carmel College Salland.

With the Lemelerveld Sustainable Living Initiative, a large group of volunteers have done a lot of work on the building at Handelsweg 20 in Lemelerveld in recent months. With the help and donations of many people from the region, we dare say that the largest and most sustainable wardrobe in Overijssel has now been realized here. A 100 square meter walk-in wardrobe from which anyone in the area can borrow clothes! Where did you come across that? So in Lemelerveld, on the border of Vechtdal and Salland, just 10 minutes from Dalfsen!

How do you get clothes? Many people fairly know a bookstore where you can borrow books. But most people just know that you can also borrow clothes if you wear a tuxedo or an evening dress, for example. However, it has been done elsewhere in the country for some time, also in “ordinary” clothing.

In addition to the personal attention, tips and advice from our volunteers, borrowing clothes makes a nice addition for the thrift or vintage enthusiast! And for women, who consciously approach dressing differently, it can be a way to wear different clothes regularly, without losing sight of the sustainability aspect. In these economically tough times, it’s also a great way to expand your wardrobe with temporary items. Perfect for girls on a budget. Therefore, the clothing library is focused on girls and women from about 10 years old (from size XS).

On behalf of the sustainable living Lemelerveld, Christel Neppelenbroek and Jolanda Ramerman are involved in the implementation. Jolanda has a background in library work and works as a volunteer in various ways on the topic of sustainability. Kristel has worked in fashion for as long as she can remember. A lot has changed in recent decades, so clothes are now increasingly being treated as a disposable item. This is unfortunate! Primarily because this means that many raw materials, almost unused, are wasted, but also because the mountain of waste grows unnecessarily as a result.

In order to make the textile course more sustainable, a studio was set up in addition to the clothing library. Broken clothes can be repaired there. If they are no longer already wearable, the fabric, buttons, zippers, or other hardware is removed for reuse. The fabric is also recycled as much as possible. Even if it’s a small start, it could be the start of a more conscious use of textiles. Of course we hope so! In addition, the clothing library with the studio also has a social function.

Feel free to come and join us on your knitting, crochet or sewing project or let yourself be drawn into discovering a new technique or innovation. The studio aims to be a creative breeding ground in the field of textiles. Therefore, workshops will be offered regularly by professionals and guests and you can get all kinds of inspiration through social media. No sewing machine or knitting machine at home? Do not hesitate to visit and take advantage of what we have to offer!

To be able to borrow, you become a member of the clothing library for a relatively small amount. Of course you benefit from that. For example, with your subscription, in addition to the opportunity to borrow clothes and possibly buy sustainably, you will also get a discount on workshops and you can bring guests with you who can also try to borrow clothes. So take your daughters, sisters, neighbors or other acquaintances to our clothing library! In addition to the benefits for you, your membership gives us the opportunity to implement our other sustainable plans for the Apparel Library.

You can exchange clothes or join us in the studio without a subscription. You can read exactly how everything works on the website which will be launched at the same time as the opening. You will also find opening hours there. We would like to exhibit on Wednesday, January 25th for those invited and interested, from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the Apparel Library. They feel welcome! You can borrow and walk in the studio on Friday 27th January from 1.30pm to 4.30pm and on Saturday 28th January from 11.30am to 1.30pm. Please check other dates and times on the website after opening.

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