Pug will be banned soon? “Cheap, beautiful and healthy do not match”

Agriculture Minister Pete Adema wants to ban crossbreeds of dogs and cats. For example, cats with folded ears and dogs that struggle with their appearance should not be kept. The minister writes it to the House of Representatives. Banning animal keeping automatically means banning trade and import. And this is where, according to some residents of our province, it is written.

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If it were up to Minister Adema, breeding dogs with short snouts would soon be banned. He wants to take additional measures to discourage keeping animals that suffer because of their appearance. In 2014, a ban on breeding dogs with respiratory problems has already been introduced. Five years later, this ban was tightened and dogs with a snout shorter than half of their skull were no longer allowed to be bred. The minister prefers to exclude these types of dogs in commercials, advertisements and social media.

“It is often illegitimate dogs that cause a bad image.”

Jolanda van Jelgershuis, former breeder of the pug

Jolanda van Jelgershuis from Beverwijk raised her pug until 2014. She was shocked to learn that the minister would ban her “children”. “I’ve had a few Pugs for years and they’ve always been healthy. That’s how we made sure our dogs only had four litters in their lives. It was just about the cute breed and not about profits. My husband and I thought it was important to “They will be healthy. We have worked so hard to ensure good bloodlines that we even brought an Australian male to Holland to take care of the offspring. I now have a 12-year-old dog, and his mother is 14. We love our dogs.”

bad picture

She does not want the minister to come up with a ban. “But on the one hand, I get it, because you see a lot of pugs that have breathing problems. They are often dogs from abroad, from southern and eastern European countries. Breeders in the Netherlands have to meet strict requirements, otherwise you really won’t get any pedigree.” . These illegal dogs are often sick and present a bad image. I think banning them is nothing but a good thing.”

“It smacks of racism”

Mrs. Krysiskes, the Pug Keeper

Lady Kruysisix of Zaandam has a number of pugs herself. She believes Minister Adema has no chance of succeeding with his bill. “We’ve seen it before with the pit, that the breeding and keeping ban didn’t hold. The Court reversed that ban at the time and it will also happen with this proposal. If it were banned at the European level it would work, but I know that in many other countries it doesn’t. Breeding rules are taken very seriously. Again, it smacks of racism.”

Cheap, beautiful and healthy are not in line

“I still have a few pugs at home, all over 10 years old and still very healthy. I had a litter of five puppies. Four were healthy, and one had problems with smell. After that he was healthy.” Good. If people buy a dog from us, they get a pedigree. Only then do you know you’ve bought a healthy dog. We guarantee it.”

She is less enthusiastic about people who import a dog. “These guys want to be in the front row on a dime. Cheap, nice and healthy, but they often don’t come together. They actually screw it up for us. It gives a bad name to the dog, but it doesn’t justify our pedigree dogs.”

“A lot of misery comes from imported dogs.”

Judge Ronnie Dowden

International judge Ronnie Doyden of the Dog Keeping Association does not believe the minister can pass this law through Parliament. He sees the Netherlands as a guiding country hurling a European ball. “In the Netherlands, we don’t give pedigrees to unhealthy dogs. We make sure that Dutch dogs meet all the requirements that the ministry puts in,” he says.

Misery of dogs from outside

“What we often see is that the Dutch buy their dogs in other countries. We dare to make a guarantee about the health of those animals. So much misery comes from dogs from abroad. I wouldn’t think it right if you kept pugs, because for example, it has become like this A ban, in my opinion, is not possible in the European context. The fact that the Minister is thinking about the health of these types of animals can only be called a good thing, of course. “

Piet Adema, Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, believes that pets in the Netherlands should not suffer from their appearance. He’s taking the advice of veterinarians and animal advocates who advocate banning certain types of problem dogs with (extremely) short muzzles, which cause them to have breathing problems. These are such types of dogs as boxers, bulldogs, Maltese and pugs. Cats with collapsible ears may not be bred, as they can suffer from an accompanying cartilage defect. According to Adima, this ban on keeping animals automatically also means a ban on import and trade. Existing animals may continue to live, but new ones may no longer come.

The Pug originated in China. In the sixteenth century it was brought to the West by the Dutch. This animal was loved by many European monarchs. The height of the dog is between 30 and 35 cm. Weight ranges from 5 to 10 kilograms. The animal is cheerful, charming, affectionate and very tolerant in nature, as well as with children and other dogs. It is not alert and aggressive, but eager to learn, stubborn and stubborn.

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