A 24-year-old man from Etienne-Laure is suspected of sexually abusing underage girls.

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ETTEN-LEUR – The Public Prosecution Service further suspects a 24-year-old man from Etten-Leur of making and possessing child pornography, assault, adultery and solicitation of (minor) girls for adultery via the Internet. Eight girls filed a complaint against the man, but the police and public prosecution expect this number to rise significantly. He was arrested in October and has been held since then. His digital data carriers have been confiscated. It contains a large amount of child pornography.

Police investigations are currently focusing on a seized hard drive. Named specifically for the contents of the subfolder ‘pop’, It contains 150 files with different girl names to make them transparent. The focus is on evaluating the footage, with different girls each time, and investigating the identity of the victims.

sexual extortion
The 24-year-old man is suspected of committing suicide The various social media channels mostly contacted underage girls. For example, use Snapchat and Instagram. Call me by a nickname. For this he used fake names including Bryan.snapx , Bryansnelgeld and other variants in which the Bryan alias was used.

The suspect’s overall method was always the same. He befriended the victims online and started a conversation in which he offered the girls money in exchange for sending a (nude) picture. Then he threatened to put it online if they didn’t send him more footage. It is now known that he did so in specific cases. This form of obtaining sexual images and blackmailing them for more is called sextortion. The suspect committed these crimes from behind his computer.

For the shots the girls had to film, sometimes over a longer period of time, they sometimes had to perform far-reaching sexual behavior on camera. For example, the investigation led to the suspicion that the victim had had sex with a third person, photographed it and sent it to the suspect.

across the whole country
The investigation, which is still ongoing, is focused on obtaining a picture of the girls who have been victimized by this suspect. The Vice Squad has now tracked down the identities of dozens of girls with whom the suspect may have been in contact online.

The Arts Squad of the Police of Zeeland-West-Brabant is involved in this investigation. Due to the high number of victims, the force is supported by additional Deputy Investigators. The girls the suspect contacted online are mostly minors and derivatives across the country. If any victims identify themselves in the suspect’s username and modus operandi, they can contact the local police in the area.

The formal hearing was held in Breda Court on Thursday 19 January. This is not an objective course yet. The court decided to detain the suspect for a longer period. The next preliminary hearing will take place on April 11, 2023.

Many teens have had sexual experiences online; This is the new reality. It is therefore important that teens be informed about “grooming,” “sexting,” “sextortion,” and the dangers of the Internet. For example, being forced to perform sexual acts, whether or not on screen, and blackmailing with “shaming” material. Young or old, you are the master of your own body.

For information about sextortion and advice on how to prevent it, you can visit the police website. If you have any questions about victim support or if you are concerned about your child’s online behaviour, you can contact Victim Support Netherlands or the Sexual Violence Centre. The Kindertelefoon and GGD websites also offer an (online) platform where you can ask questions (anonymously).

The Public Prosecution Service and the Police, in consultation with youth assistance agencies, would like to stress to parents, family members, schools, sports clubs and youth workers the importance of talking to children about the risk of abuse via social media (Snapchat, Insta, etc.). For more information on youth, social media use and media education, see the Dutch Youth Institute website.

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