‘Women prepare better’

Women are excellent investors, according to research from Fidelity. However, the representation of women in the investment world is lower than that of men. How did this happen? How do we attract more women to the stock exchange?

Perhaps the news is confrontational: Only 66 percent of Dutch women are financially independent. Figures from the Dutch Statistics Office earlier showed that while three-quarters of women in the Netherlands say they find it important to be financially independent. Is there an opportunity for this category of women in the investment world? We ask Saskia Klepp, CEO of Saxo Bank Holland. She wants to challenge women to think about the question, “What do I need to be financially independent?”

Causes of the blockade gap

“In general, it is culturally specific in the Netherlands that women invest less than men,” Klepp has noted in recent years. “Many women leave finances to two partners or male relatives. This is partly because women show less interest in financial management.”

Misconceptions about investing

“There are many misconceptions about investing,” Klepp continues, among women and men alike. According to the CEO, investing is often associated with dry numbers. “Whereas investing is actually about the world around you. With investing, you can influence yourself by investing in companies or sectors that you consider important.”

Time, knowledge and money: These are the biggest misconceptions when it comes to investing, says CEO Klep. “People think you have to watch the market every day and read all the financial papers every day.” In addition, the idea is that investing takes a lot of time and you need a lot of money. “But these amounts don’t ever have to be huge. Although you shouldn’t invest all your savings, it’s important to have a regular savings reserve so you can absorb the costs of a high energy bill, for example. But excess savings, You can invest in it.”

What you need to invest

“Investing is dangerous,” which is the idea many Dutch people have been brought up with, according to Klepp. “Investing in education is important. You need some basic knowledge to start investing, but it is not necessary to track the stock markets on a daily basis.”

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“It is important for women to build independence for the future. You can also allocate part of a part-time salary in an investment portfolio. Putting aside a hundred euros a month for investment can certainly help women become financially independent. If you put aside a small amount, you won’t notice it immediately every day But in the long run you can build wealth this way. Start today, thank yourself later. “

This is why women are the best investors

Research by Fidelity (conducted in America on 5.2 million people between 2011 and 2020) shows that, on average, women’s earnings are 0.4 percentage points higher than men’s.

“Behavioral science shows that women prepare better than men when they start something. They have a plan and arguments for certain choices. And once those decisions are made, women follow through on that plan without being distracted by the issues of the day,” Klepp explains. Keep in mind that this applies in general, and it doesn’t mean that there aren’t men who approach this the same way.

Final tip

Are you – regardless of your gender – about to start? Then Klep has one last piece of advice. “Make a plan for your future financial well-being. Think about how much money you can save each month to invest and stick to your plan. Then you can thank yourself in fifteen to thirty years.”

Interested in investing? “After this insight, there is no longer any discussion on this topic.”

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