These guys are vying for Sylvia’s heart on The Bachelorette

How the adventure ends, Sylvia is not yet allowed to reveal. She revealed earlier in conversation with RTL Boulevard that there are “very handsome participants” in her season The Bachelorette. “I really got into it with the idea: I’d really like to find my love on this show.”

She is often nervous during the recordings. “I can still be completely insecure. And if I like someone, I can still be shy. And then you’re standing there with a rose and there’s a load of guys in front of you and that’s very exciting.”

Check out the new photos below The Bachelorette Get to know the guys:

Matisse (29), Amsterdam

Matthijs entered the world of modeling after dropping his education at Hotel School. He enjoys hanging out with friends and is very adventurous. Mathis believes that it is important in a relationship that he has a good click and can laugh a lot. After the loss of his parents, Matisse began to look at life differently. He is a “people’s person”. The cat is often seen out of the tree first. Moreover, he does not show that he is in love that quickly.

Oscar (28) Amsterdam

Oskar lives in Amsterdam and works in a café in De Wallen. He is self-confident and keeps to himself. Outside of work, Oscar is a true sports fanatic, and he also loves to cook and go out with friends. Oscar has now been single for three years and this is due to major events in a previous relationship. In terms of looks, Sylvia is definitely the Oscar type: her bright eyes, lustrous hair, and general cleanliness are what attract him so much.

Doni (34), Zandvoort

Easygoing prankster Donny lives in Zandvoort and is an independent entrepreneur at an electric scooter repair company. In his spare time, he enjoys fitness, swing, and golf. Donnie is very protective and a real insider. After being celibate for eight months, he’s open to love. In addition to romance, Donnie is looking for warmth, comfort and a best friend in a relationship. He hopes to get Sylvia’s attention by creating a sense of security. After his parents divorced, he decided to live with his mother. Donnie’s mother and sister are number one with him.

Giancarlo (31), Helmond

Giancarlo works as an interior repairman in office buildings. In his spare time he likes to go out with friends and loves city trips, plus he can often be found in the gym. In the past, Giancarlo had some relationships, but unfortunately it didn’t work out due to wrong choices. Since his brother’s death, he has become more serious about life and doesn’t care about the little things. Giancarlo describes his personality as soft and sweet and would like to share this with Silvia.

Joris (37), Breda

Joris works in the tourism sector and when he is not working he likes to be in his apartment in Breda. He was in a relationship for three years and dated several times, but unfortunately it didn’t work out due to different living circumstances. Humor, understanding each other and having the same interests are important to Joris in his life. He describes himself as funny, easygoing, and adventurous. Joris is not a macho man and he will not approach a woman first.

Melvin (26), Amsterdam

Melvin works as a manager at a supermarket. He calls himself a sweet and sociable boy with a great sense of humor. In addition, he is a listening ear for others, sometimes even forgetting himself. Family is very important to Melvin, and he has a strong bond with his parents and grandparents. Melvin enters into an empty love affair. He thinks Sylvia has good looks with beautiful eyes and he stands out for that.

Malcolm (40), Amsterdam

Malcolm works in a tile store and, in addition to his full-time job, is an actor with small roles in commercials and series. Outside of work he enjoys photography, writing and sports. Malcolm describes himself as a fun, intelligent and helpful person. He has been in four relationships and believes it is important to have chemistry in a relationship and be on the same wavelength. Malcolm also finds that humor is very important and women should understand puns. Malcolm scored because silvia is his type. He hasn’t done any research on the rest, because he likes to be thrown in the deep end.

Jordan (31) Al-Mir

Jordi works full time as an IT Business Consultant. He studied business administration and worked as a manager in the past. Outside of work hours, Jordi can often be found in the gym, where he works out five to six times a week. Jordi thinks Sylvia is a beautiful woman with bright eyes. He describes himself as a kind, caring and sociable person. Jordi finds that good communication and variety are important in a relationship. He is looking forward to meeting Sylvia.

Osman (44), Harderwijk

Othman is a personal trainer who has turned his business into his passion. He is a vain man and considers it important to look presentable. Despite the fact that Osman seems tough, he loves helping others and gives a listening ear. He is looking for a friend with whom he can share everything. He is convinced that love consists of sharing things with each other, even during difficult times. Osman thinks Silvia is a beautiful woman and says he will seduce her with his eyes.

Rick (32), Noordwijk

Rick is an independent physiotherapist. Rick is confident and exudes a lot of energy. He knows what he’s talking about and is an innovator in his field. He is also a gentleman and always keeps the door open for the lady. In total, Rick had eight relationships and ended them because he didn’t properly address his troubled past. He wants nothing more than to build an “empire” with an honest person with whom he can share everything. Rick is a man with a mission and a vision.

Robert (36), Southland

Robert works as a manager in a plumbing company and also follows a part-time higher vocational education course in management training. He loves to play sports in his spare time and also loves to go out with friends or visit festivals. Robert describes himself as honest and loyal, with a heart on his sleeve. Robert has been in a relationship for eleven years and has a five-year-old daughter with his ex-wife. He thinks Sylvia is a nice girl and that her sense of humor attracts him. In addition, it is important to live your own life as well as your relationship. Robert has a younger sister and he still has his father who sees him every week, his mother died when he was seventeen years old.

Strip (32), Amsterdam

He organizes events and besides organizing he is busy playing records at home and at events. In his spare time, he likes to windsurf and work out in the gym. Gerd had three relationships, but they ended because at a certain point she was no longer working. Tegerd describes himself as athletic, passionate, creative and adventurous. He is looking for a partner who is enterprising, well-groomed and athletic. He also finds humor important in a relationship.

Tom (27), Gouda

Tom works in special needs care and also does modeling. In his spare time, he loves to go to the gym and can be found with his friends every week over a glass of wine. Having had a number of serious relationships, Tom found it important for you to trust each other and build on each other. He is looking for a woman who is firm in her place and loves madness. Tom describes himself as a sociable, cheerful and energetic man. He enjoys the little things in life. Tom launches into the love affair with no expectations, but believes he can give Sylvia peace and stability.

Marlon (31), Alkmaar

Marlon works as an auto repair technician and starts his own car company. He is a nice and spontaneous guy who loves to chat. In his spare time, he enjoys running, fitness, and occasionally kickboxing. Marlon also loves to have drinks with friends. In a relationship, Marlon is a fun person, seeks stability, and can provide security. His previous relationship ended a year ago. Marlon thinks Sylvia is very beautiful and thinks there is something very beautiful behind her already good looks.

Stan (26), Amsterdam

Stan has his own company and is also a DJ. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with friends and playing soccer. Stan is confident and knows very well what he wants in life. Stan never had a steady relationship before, but now he’s open to it. He wants to show Sylvia that he’s doing everything he can to win her over.

Martin (35), Zutphen

Martin has been helping for eighteen years and started being self-employed three years ago. In his spare time, he enjoys kickboxing, motorcycling and travelling. Martin describes himself as social, humorous, ambitious and daring. He thinks Sylvia has beautiful blue eyes, good looks and that she looks well-groomed. He also believes that there is much more to her than she actually shows.

Sam (30), Arnhem

Sam is a project manager at a landscaping company and goes to Croatia every summer to work as a sailing captain and to sail with families. He has active hobbies such as mountain biking, surfing, and sailing. Sam has a positive mindset and is really fun. He’s had a number of relationships and is looking for love. Sam thinks Sylvia has expressive eyes and a pretty personality. He believes that it is important in a relationship to make each other truly happy. He wants to find physical attraction in a relationship and a best friend.

On Thursday, February 2nd The Bachelorette It started at Videoland.

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