Susan’s sister murdered (34): ‘It’s dangerous’

“I really realized how bad Linda’s stalking was when I visited her unexpectedly shortly before she died. The gate was locked and the shutters were locked. I thought it was crazy, because she should only be in the house. I decided to let myself in because I had her key. She was Linda is sitting in the living room and she was shocked when she saw me. “Why don’t you tell me you’re coming,” she said upset.

“I knew she was being harassed, but it was at that moment that I realized for the first time the fear she was in all the time. She told how her ex-husband J jumped over a fence and banged on her windows. He sent her a picture of a gun that threatened to kill her. I didn’t know what to say. She said she had already gone to The police, and she took every precaution, so there was nothing I could advise her on. I said, ‘I want to hear from you every day.’ I said, ‘Even if it’s an app that lets you know everything’s okay.’ I did that afterwards. In some Sometimes it was just a thumbs up, but then I knew enough. Until August 10th it was quiet.”

“Linda and I were very close from a young age. She was always cheerful, spontaneous, and ready for everyone. Her friends called her Sunshine and it really suited her. She was also the sunshine of our house. When I was 12 and she was 14, our mother died in A traffic accident. The grief was overwhelming and Linda was taking care of me like a second mother. Anyway, my dad, my older brother, and Linda and I were brought together by the loss of my mother. When Linda had a son at twenty-four, I was thrilled to be an aunt. Even though she lived far away 75 kilometers, we’ve seen each other a lot.

But when, after several years, the relationship with my nephew’s father ended, I decided to approach us again. loved it! She was now a single mother of a young boy and I tried to help her wherever I could. Not only was I Suus’ aunt, but also almost a second mother to my nephew. After Linda returns, she meets J.J. I loved her to have a new love in her life again. But after a year she ended the relationship. Jie wasn’t good psychologically, she told me.”

“His behavior became more and more erratic, as he could become violent. She tried to help him and encouraged him to seek psychiatric help and offered to go to the doctor. That was it, she was a nurse. But he refused to help her so she decided to end the relationship. It was crazy to hear all these things, but she kept She kept things to herself more often, and didn’t want others to worry about her. I was glad to hear that she had chosen to end the relationship. It’s possible she’d run into someone else again. With her blonde hair and wide smile, she got enough attention.”

“But J. did not want to accept that Linda did not want to continue with him. Then the stalking began. He visited her, called her and watched her all day. In the last weeks before her death, the stalking took extremely extreme forms. Linda continued to report, but nothing was done about it “Not even when I reported to the police that he was carrying a firearm. We still don’t understand why no action was taken. “If anything happens to me, get out of here, because it’s dangerous,” she told me the other day when I showed up unexpectedly at her home.

He said to her, “I know where they live. I will kill you first, then your sister, then your father and your brother. It terrified me to hear her speak like that. You also made me promise that if anything happened to her, I would take care of her child. I promised. But you can’t understand that something can It really happens, you don’t want to think about it either. It was hard as an outsider to know what you could do to help.”

A few days before she was killed, Linda wanted to meet my brother and me, along with her son and niece. We never did otherwise. We went to a large stadium and had a few drinks together. It was a very nice day, though I noticed she was looking around regularly. After a few days it happened. Sometimes I think: did she subconsciously feel that this could happen, and therefore did she want to go out together again? ”

This real life is from Flair 3-2023. You can read Suzanne’s full story at Flair.

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