Trilogy films about aging well in Oisterwijk

The working group “The Art of Living for Those Who Want to Grow Well” organizes three film screenings, or together Trialogue Films.

For 9 years now, the Working Group has placed the film trio at a central theme. In this jubilee year they want to put “Together” at the center. The core of our humanity lies in the depth of the relationship we experience with our fellow human beings and the world around us. Who am I and do I deserve it? Listening and being heard is a reciprocal event in establishing our relationship with (our) human beings. Great sadness lies in the loss of connection and the feeling of detachment from the complex world and from the people around us. This is why working together is so important in every unique human life.

As an individual and as a community, you are well aware that you need each other! This makes it difficult sometimes, because everyone is different and that’s clearly visible when you look at how people work together… However there are opportunities and challenges. When collaborating, I want to grow by gaining more insight into my social skills and also getting to know others. Working together gives us the opportunity to bring out the best in ourselves and others.

In the triple movie screenings, as a visitor, you can find yourself in great movie choices. These are respectively:

First movie: Hors Normes (2019)

Monday 27 February.

Directed by: Olivier Naccache and Eric Toledano. Including: Vincent Cassel, Reda Kateb, and Helen Vincent.

The (real) movie story revolves around Bruno and Malik. Bruno introduces children with autism who have nowhere else to go in his housing block. Malik trains young people from disadvantaged areas to become counsellors. Together they take “complicated issues” under their wing, with which regular caregivers do not know what to do. Some children have been locked in a hospital room for years. What Bruno does: With his guidance, children thrive again, without him having to lock them up or spray them with medication. He does not have a permit and his supervisors do not (yet) have a diploma. Therefore, the Inspectorate threatens to close its institution. A sequel to the silver screen…. Show duration: 114 minutes.

Second movie: Adam (2019)

Monday, March 13th.

Directed by: Maryam El Touzani. Including: Lubna Azbal and Dewi Belkhouda.

Excerpts from the movie Hors Normes

The film is a “beautiful, subdued ode to solidarity and motherhood” and tells how two women offer each other a future in today’s Morocco. In Casablanca, Samia, who is pregnant and unmarried, goes from door to door in search of a roof over her head. When he knocks on Abla’s door, her door remains locked at first. But as the widow and single mother of 8-year-old Rada, Abla knows how hard life can be in Morocco and finally allows the young woman to join them. Gradually they find more and more support for each other and Samia starts working in Abla’s bakery. Together they bake the most delicious Moroccan dishes. A sequel to the silver screen…. Show duration: 100 minutes.

The third movie: Young @ Heart (2008)

Monday 27 March.

Directed by: Stephen Walker. Including: Joe Benoit, Helen Boston, and Louise Canady.

Young @ Heart (2008) is a surprisingly suspenseful thriller about a choir that includes Jimi Hendrix, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, but also James Brown, The Pointer Sisters and Coldplay. Special note: the average club age is 81! Does the life of the elderly usually revolve around loneliness, illness or illness? This group of people live for rock, punk and funk. In this suspenseful and poignant film, director Stephen Walker sketches rehearsals for the choir and its members, but also follows them outside.
The choir has just returned from its performances in Europe and is preparing for a new performance. The exercises don’t run smoothly. In addition to ill health, some members’ memory is no longer completely up to date. Even though one of them dies, the show goes on and becomes a huge hit.
Young @ Heart, with its lovely leads, is a heartwarming, moving, and ultimately feel-good movie! A positive movie that makes you look forward to a young old age. A sequel to the silver screen…. Show duration: 110 minutes.

The films will be shown at De Voorhof, Kerkstraat 64 in Oisterwijk. Entrance fee is €10 for all films together, or €5 for a movie, and a non-alcoholic welcome drink is included in the price. The afternoon show begins at 2 p.m.; Evening show starts at 7:30 pm. Doors open 30 minutes early. Reservations are not necessary.

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