These are the courses for the 2023 European Cycling Championships in Drenthe


The European Cycling Championships takes place in Drenthe on the calendar from 20 to 24 September. The organization has now announced the various courses. Routes are almost exclusively N-roads; Drenthe flint We will not see the European Championship. All finishes are on the so-called Mount VAMpad, like the latest NK 2022. Hence not on the Atteropad rocks. cycling flash Course packages in this post.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

On Wednesday, September 20, A.J Individual time trials in the program. Juniors and juniors complete the same course as the elite men and women, except for the western loop at Noord-Sleen. Thus, the youth groups immediately turn to the right, to the right.

So the pros do an extra round-trip on the so-called Friesland route, which is good for about nine extra kilometres. Starting at Wildlands Zoo, ending on the Hondsrugweg. This is the highway in front of the zoo next to the new center. There will also be a cheerleader area and a mixed area here. Due to the long, straight sections, the European Time Trial Championships are a bit ahead power homes.

UEFA Women’s Under-19 Championship, Emmen: 20.9 km
flag of europe European Championship Time Trial Men U19, Emmen: 20.9 km
flag of europe European Women’s U23 Championships, Emmen: 20.9 km
flag of europe European Championships Men’s U23 Time Trial, Emmen: 20.9 km
flag of europe European Championship at the time of the elite women’s experience: Ayman: 29.5 kilometers
flag of europe European Championship at the time of the trial of the elite right-hand men: 29.5 kilometers

Defending Champions of the European Championship
Girls under 19 years old: d flag Justina Casabla
Boys under 19 years old: science lo Matthew Kucklemann
Women under 23 years old: en flag Shereen Van Anroy
Men under 23 years old: science be Alec Sigert
Thin: science ch Marilyn Rosser
men: science ch Stefan Bisiger

Thursday, September 21, 2023

The second day of the European Cycling Championships is about Mixed teams relay. The country teams will complete the previous day’s “small” time trial course with three men’s and women’s (Elite and U23). This means that in Noord-Sleen they instantly transform into Emmen.

For logistical reasons, the start did not take place as planned in the Wildlands, but in the Hondsrugweg. Because of the transition area, you have to be in the same place as the end. The European Mixed Team Relay Championships was not on the program in Munich.

At the express wish of UEC President Enrico dela Casa, there is also one for the first time in this European Championship Junior mixed team relay. A second unique feature: Countries that have a very small pool for this purpose can team up with countries with the same problem.

She also runs the 19.2 kilometer round twice. Last year there was already a European Mixed Relay U19 Championship (just like the U23 Championship, by the way) in Portugal, but that didn’t coincide with the other parts of the European Championship in Munich.

flag of europe EC Mixed Team Relay U19, Emmen: 38.4km
flag of europe EC Mixed Team Relay, Emmen: 38.4 km

Defending the European Mixed Relay Championship
Under 19: Mark it Italy
elite: Mark it Italy (2021)

Friday, September 22, 2023

During the third day of the European Cycling Championships, road races for promises were on the programme. the Men under 23 years old Start in Hoogeveen and drive through the Nieuwe Krim to Coevorden.

That’s where Women under 23 years old Their race and from that spot, both classes run the same course. This takes them via Dalen, Zweeloo and Mantinge to Wijster, where it is still a short way to the VAM site at Drijber. The U23 women do five rounds there, and the U23 men do one more.

flag of europe European Women’s U23 Cycling Championships, Cooverden > Mount Fam: 108.0 kilometers
flag of europe European Cycling Championships Men’s U-23 Hoogeveen > VAM Mountain: 136.5 km

Defending the European Under-23 Cycling Championship
Thin: en flag Shereen Van Anroy
men: d flag Felix Engelhardt

Saturday 23 September

The two biggest road races of the 2023 European Cycling Championships are set to take place this weekend. Initially, one title fight would take place on both days, but the organization had to change the program. Saturday morning Young boys their race on the road. They start in Drijber and lead the loop just over the VAM mountain. Covering eight times, this course is good for 111km of course.

In the afternoon comes the turn elite women. They start their race in Mabel. At first they headed north through Negevine and Havelti to the Good Colonies. From there it turns east through Diever and Dwingeloo to Beilen, then south towards Wijster and Drijber. There the women enter the round with the ascent of the VAM mountain. They will complete this five times.

flag of europe European Championships in Cycling for Boys U19, Draper > Femme Mountain: 111.0 km
flag of europe European Women’s Elite Cycling Championships in Maple > VAM: 131.3km

European Cycling Championship
Boys under 19 years old: science ch John Christine
Thin: en flag Lorena Webbs

Sunday 24 September

The final day of the 2023 European Cycling Championships also includes two races. Now both classes are just reversed. This means that the day begins with the European Championship for Young girls. Just like their male peers, they started in Drijber, on the VAM course. They will ride the local circuit five times, then run the second VAM downhill and not on flint like the European Cyclocross Championships in November 2021.

the Elite men Starting on Sunday in front of the Drents Museum in Assen, the capital of Drenthe. The riders then head to Finnhuizen, Norge (known for its famous gravel race), Friis, Zuidlaren, Annen, Ext, Getten (known for its famous Super Prestige cyclo-cross), Gaselt, Borger (where the biggest catch in the Netherlands is located) and Grollo0 (headquarters of Residence of Johan Dirksen), Zwiggelte and Westerbork.

Then the men’s pros also ride the course on and around VAM mountain. They lead this tour six times. It all comes down to a track of just under two hundred kilometers.

European Cycling Championship
Girls under 19 years old: flag fr Eglantine Reyer
men: en flag Fabio Jacobson

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