“Toer Skating Elfstedentoer” on Kardinge: “Allow children with disabilities to skate with their friends”

Every 12-year-old should have skateboarded at least once. This is the goal of the Sven Kramer Academy. Stichting het Gehandicapte Kind has collaborated with the Sven Kramer Academy to make this truly possible for all children. Inge Voss from The Proud Foundation.

Hi Angie! Encourage all children to play sports together …
“This is really the idea. In the Netherlands there are already all kinds of projects that encourage sports for children with disabilities. But often these sports activities are separate, never together. With this project we want to ensure that children with disabilities can play sports with their friends Who do not have a disability. The first results are very positive. On February 4, we will come to the Karding ice rink to show this in Groningen. “

to clear it all up. How did this idea come about?
“In fact, this arose during the winter of 2021. There was a period when skiing was possible, and that opportunity was seized with eagerness. What we saw was that children with disabilities could not participate. They stood by, watching their brothers, sisters and friends having fun on the ice, but they could not To be a part of it. That’s how the ball started to roll.”

The foundation was laid in Heerenveen, right?
“Yes. But there is another step forward. As a basis, we are working with several athletics associations. A frame has been developed to allow children with disabilities to enjoy athletics. We also needed such a frame for skating. That was also specially made, and it was nice So much so that the prototype was actually a very good foundation right away.This was later tested in Heerenveen, where we collaborated with the Sven Kramer Academy.They have a lot of knowledge and experience on how to teach kids to skate.What does such a frame look like?It consists of a seat with three irons underneath , so that children can really slide and experience the joy of being on the ice.

And can you say things got out of hand after that?
“We called a mother who had heard about our pilot. She was immediately very excited, and said her son would also like this very much. Then she asked if we would also come to the Rotterdam area. And this is where the Samen Skating Elfstedentour was thrown in. To give you an idea of ​​the success. In Heerenveen, As a result of the clinic, there are still many children taking lessons at the Sven Kramer Academy.”

She will come to Kardinge on the 4th of February. What would that look like?
“The clinic we offer for all children. So a disabled child can bring a sister or a friend who doesn’t have a disability. That’s how we create connection. And the effects are great. Parents see their children participate in something together. They see their child, who they thought wouldn’t be on the ice,” He now slides over the ice. This is very beautiful, and this also triggers a lot of emotions. This connection, that everyone is equal, is very important to us.”

Now you call it Elfstedentour. A reference to the Elfstedentocht, a heroic ski run, reminds me of sealing, klonen and overtaking …
What we offer in the clinic is a lot of fun games. It consists of a beautiful course where the participants have to pass under a bridge in a playful way, they have to zigzag and they have to stop in front of a hole. The clinic, including the ski lesson, is offered by Sven Academy Kramer. In the end, the participants receive an impressive medal.

Now this is a one-off, which also says a lot, right?
“Yes. I already told you that it was followed in Heerenveen. We hope that the ski associations in Groningen will also be ready for this. They pick up and implement this concept, so that children can have the fun that you can have on the snow together. That’s our goal. And it would be great So that gauntlet is caught.”

“Skiing together Elfstedentour”
Two clinics will be presented at the Carding Ice Rink on the 4th February between 1.15pm and 3.15pm. We welcome all children between the ages of 5 and 12. Participation is free after registering through this website. There is room for forty children in all, with a frame for twenty. Visit fstedentoer this winter.

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