Soon the suspects in the assault cases fantasized about having sex with children

Shortly after getting to know each other through a dating site, the two suspects in the Eindhoven adultery case imagined having sex with young children. Initially, the suspect’s underage daughter appeared in the picture. The man on trial is said to have longed for “fresh meat”.

As of August 2019, the two have put their ideas into practice in Eindhoven and the surrounding area, according to the files. According to the court in Den Bosch, this led to “horrific images” and “feelings of despair, fear and sadness” among their victims. The hearing in the case began on Tuesday in a packed courtroom. The ages of the victims ranged from one to six years.

Adultery and child pornography
The 54-year-old woman from Herkenbosch, Nancy D. , and the 54-year-old man from Hill, Peter S. They are accused of having sex with seven girls and having sexual intercourse with five of them. This happened while the woman was babysitting, and in some cases also when the parents were at home and didn’t notice anything. Moreover, the two were making and distributing child pornography with the girls and they were in possession of this footage. The session made it clear that the couple had a very thoughtful act.

While the woman regularly listened to the suspect’s story, shaking her head during treatment, S. remained firmly seated in his chair. They did not look at each other for a moment, calling each other “sir” and “ma’am”. Later in the afternoon, Dr. X can imagine that the case had a “huge impact” on those involved.

The woman had to lick the toilet seat
The two suspects first met in January 2018. Soon, it reached SM. For example, the woman had to drink urine and lick the toilet seat. They also shared an interest in animal sex and Nazism. He was the master and the “father”, she is the bitch and the bitch.

A year and a half later, Dr. In two babysitting locations. To carry out what they wanted to do to the little girls and what they are now on trial. The two suspects blame each other for who took the initiative and took the most responsibility.

D .: “It wasn’t necessary for me, I did it on assignment. If you put something next to me, he would cut me off or accuse me of not being obedient enough. It hurt me, I didn’t want to lose him. I never do anything. It was I also have to look it up in pornography. I never asked for anything, it was my fault. I lived in some kind of fantasy world.” According to her, S. would say that she continues: then the children will find it normal. She is also said to have made a number of children “prostitute” at his request.

She was dominating
S thought otherwise: “It was her dominance. I told her not to do anything that hurt her. Then he swung to the other side. In some cases I gave instructions, but it basically went back and forth.”

According to him, she did not want to listen when he asked her to stop the abuse. However, S. could not. Answering the judge’s questions why he didn’t put an inch in her way, continued to burden her with tasks, and even masturbated several times when viewing the photos. He admitted being sexually aroused by the videos, but denied committing adultery himself. However, he had sent a picture of his erect genitalia to the woman at least twice and they had phone sex more often.

Getting close to people
The sexual abuse was discovered in June 2021 after the parents of a then two-year-old girl saw photos from the nursery showing the sexual abuse with her. During the session, it became clear that there was intense contact between the two suspects before, during and after the abuse of the two girls. Almost everything D did with children, she referred to the suspect at specific times.

Pictures show that one of the girls is blindfolded, that the victims were threatened and that a child can be heard shouting “Mama, Mama”. In a number of cases, a dildo, vibrator, and doctor’s set were used. You can also see how D. is also pleased with himself several times.

Several of the victims will testify on Thursday or will do so. The Public Prosecution will present the demands on January 23, to be followed a day later by the response of the defendants’ lawyers. Sentencing is scheduled for March 13.

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