Nanny abuse is part of an increasingly extreme S&M relationship

Only occasionally do the two people suspected of abusing seven babysitters blame themselves entirely. Says Nancy D. (54) From Hale that she always acted on behalf of Peter S. S says that it was a game between them, a “ping pong” between them, and that she also engaged in sexual acts with the two girls on her own initiative.

The two, from Limburger, will stand trial on Tuesday at the Den Bosch court. In addition to assaulting children between the ages of one and six, the Public Prosecution Office accuses them of manufacturing, distributing and possessing child pornography. The cases all occurred from September 2019 to June 2021. Then, after a night out, the parents of a two-year-old girl saw on CCTV footage from the nursery that D had abused their daughter. He was arrested that night. The subsequent investigation revealed that the woman made video calls to “S” during the assault, and he was arrested the next day.

“Kabs” the two called their victims. This represents the jinn. They were abused on camera. In some cases, it came to penetration. Sex toys were also involved. Some children were put on fishnet stockings, made up and/or blindfolded. D- I sometimes masturbate in their presence. S. several times in response to the photos he received.

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During the session, the two suspects carefully avoid each other’s gaze, as they are only a few meters away. They will soon look to the judges.

D. and S. got to know each other in January 2018 through a dating site. The relationship took on an SM persona almost immediately. Among other things, D had to crawl around, lick the toilet seat clean, and drink her own urine. I called him “Master”, “My Father”, “Master” or “God”. He addressed her as a “bitch,” “whore,” and “whore,” according to app traffic, among others.

Their fantasies and behavior become more extreme. D. was stored in S.’s phone. D. was asked to keep it in her phone as Höss, after Rudolf Höss, commandant of Auschwitz. In a mutual conversation, the two talk about his “Aryan seed”.

They also discussed sex with animals and children among themselves. S. also suggested raping D.’s daughter. , who was sixteen years old at the time. She later joined that opportunity. In the summer of 2020, she tried to drug her daughter with “five to six blue pills” in juice. The daughter got sick. According to the mother, the abuse eventually overtook her.

The relationship also broke up for a while. S said he only wanted to start over if she would serve small meat.

Low rate of babysitting

In the summer of 2019, the idea arose that Dr. By signing up as a babysitter with two organizations. When she applied, she confirmed that she had an acknowledgment of conduct and that she was also active in the security industry. Her lower hourly wage (it fell again later) made her more attractive as a babysitter, according to the Public Prosecution Service.

The introductory conversations with the parents were filmed, because S. and D. found it exciting. Dr. Sometimes they edited pictures of abuse from babysitting before sending them to the S. In other cases live video calls were made. Subsequently, abuse was the subject of conversation, too, when Dr. and s. Phone sex.

The first girl was six years old, and later told her parents in fragments of what she had experienced. After taking a break for a few months, D consciously began looking for families with younger daughters who might have spoken less quickly. After the first girls, the abuse took more extreme forms.

During the session, D. and S. tell about all the events in a relatively realistic manner. Sometimes they say in the third person, as if they were talking about others. The prosecutor, in particular, visibly resists her feelings while listening to descriptions of the various cases of abuse.

Dr. admitted. She wasn’t completely helpless. “I could have said, too, ‘Hi sir, I’m gone.’ But something caught me. I felt I had to give him something every now and then. My actual sexual pleasure only came when I was allowed to go to him.” She could ignore the girls’ screams and cries of fear and pain. They were sometimes yelled at explicit orders used by Dr. And x between them too. “I don’t know why and how then. I just flipped a switch.”

S. paints a picture of the slow crossing of borders. In cross-talks it was a matter of offending S himself, but he himself swears that in reality he will never cross that boundary. According to him, Dr. Her behavior towards the victims in a number of cases, because he “did not like it so rude.” D: Well, I have other examples. The judges also say that a different picture often emerges from the case file.

The substantive hearing will continue for three more days in the coming weeks. The court will decide the case on March 13.

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