Lil Klein’s affair is Jimmy Weiss’ fault

Story of the Jimmy Weiss And Rapper Lil Klein Jurek Scholten – or parts of it – may already be familiar to you. This past Whitsun weekend, Lil Klein was arrested on the island of Ibiza after his fiancee and mother of his child Jamie Weiss allegedly walked into the lobby of the brand-new Oku Hotel in the middle of the night, covered in blood. Weiss is said to have been hit over the head with a bottle of wine. He will pass her phone and a hotel room Lil Klein destroyed. There were drugs. It wasn’t pretty.

Now there was another fight this weekend. Posted last night Yvonne Caldewer On her Juice channel, footage from a security camera, Lil’ Little Friend appears Jimmy Weiss She pulls her hair out of the car and slams her head into the car door. Not long after, it was announced that the rapper was arrested Sunday evening by the Amsterdam police on suspicion of assault, and later today his management will issue a statement, according to the ANP news agency.

Joint statement

What that statement will be is still conjecture, but after their previous altercation in Ibiza, Lil Klein and Jimmy Weiss have come up with a much-discussed joint statement, in which Weiss and Scholten Acknowledge that an incident has occurred. But also that “the rumors circulating about this incident were not true at all.” The duo then closed the statement with Jaimie’s previously used phrase about highs and lows, about loving. Then the couple asked the media to leave them alone.

As with the statements of popular figures, many words have been sought to express so little. Meanwhile, the couple has been left alone by the media (classic and social). Comment sections on social media talked about Jimmy’s motherhood along with his partying, booze, and drugs. Youtube Yvonne Caldewer Weiss questioned his resolve and his motives in a video. This wasn’t the first time the rapper had defeated Vice.

Jimmy Weiss and Lil Klein: “Nobody Knows What Truth She’s In”

It was just quibbles around rappers, just like now. Many celebrities scream Jimmy Weiss to pack her bags and many people on social media are wondering “why isn’t she leaving after all”. My ex-boyfriend Lang France even says on Instagram: “If you don’t choose yourself and your son now, then you are not a mother, but a whore.”

Victim blamingjust as it was almost a year ago, when writer Saskia Norte asked in her column about ad Why doesn’t Weiss stand against violence? Her column was titled “Save Yourself”. Not only for herself, but also as an example for other women in a similar situation.

Asking why Jaimie stayed indicates that it is your fault if it happens again. Domestic Violence It is often dismissed as an accident and blame is quickly placed on the victim. She must also have a hot personality and a share of violence. it’s a Victim blaming. Why do we do that?

according to Only the worldAmerican social psychologist theory Melvin Lerner People like to believe that the world is a just place, where everything happens for a reason and everyone gets what they deserve. Often the idea is in relation to (sexual) violence: If something terrible happens to someone, there must be something to it. “You shouldn’t have gone out in that miniskirt in the middle of the night.”

Domestic Violence: Victims don’t leave after a blow or two

It is estimated that at least 747,000 people over the age of 18 fall victim to the Netherlands. Domestic Violence. It is not always reported. Domestic violence victims often don’t leave after the first or second blow, it takes them at least several times before they end the relationship, even years. When does the partner cross the border? Domestic violence is much more than physical violence. It also has financial and psychological aspects. A relationship in which partner violence is present has a complex push-pull dynamic. Out of that time, strength and a lot of support. “As a woman, you want to keep your family together.” (…) “You don’t just pack your things,” Jaimie said in a YouTube interview. Robert Rodenburg last year.

back to mr Only the world-theory. In the 1960s, Lerner researched how people respond to abuse. In these experiments, conducted at the University of Kansas, 72 female participants watched ally receive electric shocks under various conditions. At first, these control participants were distressed by the victim’s suffering. But with the agonizing still and the Monitors unable to intervene, the Monitors set in the victim Reject and reduce.

No one knows exactly what is going on in the relationship between Weiss and Scholten. What we can conclude after the latest news is that there is no doubt about the amount of power-ups you receive. Thus, rejecting her and publicly devaluing her will not help her. Anyway, not about that George Scholten To get rid of.

Do you or do you know a victim of domestic or partner violence? Then call the Stay Group on 08834 224 50, or speak with VeiligThuis via

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