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suit / updateRapper Lil Klein and reality star Jimmy Weiss are back in court again today. Now about matters more serious than watches and toasters: visiting arrangements around their son Leo. Attorneys for both parties said afterward that agreements were made for video and physical contact once every two weeks.

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Since their acrimonious divorce nearly a year ago, rapper Jurek Scholten (real name Lil) hasn’t seen his 3.5-year-old son. The artist demanded visitation arrangements with his son through the court in The Hague today. The case was handled behind closed doors, but attorney Patrice Katz van Scholten said afterwards that an agreement had been reached regarding contact between the rapper and his son: Facetime contact twice a week and real physical contact once every two weeks, but under supervision. In a few months we’ll see if we can expand this. There will be someone, but he can only have fun with his child.”

Weiss had already announced prior to the lawsuit through her attorney Kim Beomer that she had no desire to renew contact between Leo and his father, but that she had the necessary conditions. “She wants, for example, that the access arrangements be planned by experienced people who will supervise that.”

Start with video calls

They got their way: “Preliminary agreements were reached and a professional would come in to direct them in a good way,” Boomer said afterwards. “It can start with a small video call. Twice a week. It can take a little getting used to. After that, there can be carefully moderated communication.”

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Lil Klein upon his arrival at the court in The Hague. “I hope Jamie will be a good mother to our son and allow me to be a good father.” © Victor Schildkamp

Lil Klein speaks to the press upon her arrival at the court in The Hague. It is difficult for him to live without his son for a year. “This is much more important than that suit about watches,” he said with a wry smile, referring to the case in Amsterdam in mid-November when it was a matter of distributing three expensive watches and all kinds of household items.

The rapper also hopes that Jamie will be happy and be a good mother to her child. “And I hope you will allow me to be a good father.”

“Patriarchy didn’t think of it”

Jaimie Vaes is currently raising little Leo on his own. Father Jurek recognized the boy as his child, but had no parental authority. This must be arranged by both parents after birth. According to Bomer’s attorney, they didn’t think about it at the time.

It’s no secret that the relationship between the two Dutch stars is currently very bad. Scholten was arrested in mid-February 2022 after photographs emerged showing him squeezing Weiss with her head between a car door. The rapper was held for three nights. Shortly thereafter, Weiss broke up with Lil’ Klein. She later announced in a TV interview that she had filed a report against her ex-husband. This case is still pending.

In mid-November, the two had a legal battle in court in Amsterdam over three expensive watches and necessary household items. Jamie Weiss pretty much won this case. During this instance it became painfully clear that the two had a very bad relationship. In the courtroom they remained apart. While the case was being handled, the necessary snapshots were exchanged and it emerged that she had even left a knife and a letter at his house with the text ‘Go fuck yourself“.

Jaimie Vaes with her son, Leo, who can also be seen on her reality series
Jaimie Vaes with her son Lio, who can also be seen in her reality series, ‘Jaimie: In The Vaes Lane’. © Discovery +

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