“I’d like to fall in love again”

If her many fans are to be believed, Desiree, 55, was a welcome guest at this year’s love-filled B&B. Hans, whom she met in Italy, she thought, felt the same way. However, things did not work out between the two. “We had such a good time, but he just wasn’t ready for a relationship, I noticed.”

Desiree: “I had a good life, I was happy. It’s never boring for me. My friends say: ‘Try it with Desiree, don’t ask how it’s possible, but take advantage of it.’ I’ve been single for sixteen years. Before that I was in a relationship For 11 years. I was engaged, and we were about to get married. He was a widower with three kids. When they were teenagers, they weren’t always with me. Then he chose his kids. That was tough.
I had already bought a piece of land on which we wanted to build a house. My parents bought part of it, and then we built a house there. My father died suddenly three years ago. He suddenly fell dead in the house, my mother found him at the top of the stairs.
She still lives next to me. She lost her leg due to strep. I am her caregiver, she eats with me every day. I am never alone. I have many friends and always have people over for dinner, drinks, or a concert, because I play the recorder, flute, oboe, and piano, and I sing.
When I was with my mother at Christmas last year, I saw this plea on TV from Hans, who lived in Italy and co-owner of the love-filled Bed & Breakfast. I saw a nice and smooth guy, traveled as I was. I said to my mom: “Gee, what a nice guy, I can answer that.” I gave up the rush.
I wondered if I would like to live in Italy. But I thought: let’s see if it clicks first. If he wants to sell things there, I can do that too and then we can live by the sea together in Aruba, the Caribbean or the Bahamas. Of course, my mother will come.

I’m not happy

“In retrospect, it turns out that quite a few women answered Hans’ call. But as soon as I was with him in Pistoia, I knew within a minute that I wouldn’t be happy there. It was quiet there, there wasn’t much to do and money wasn’t going well.” “Fine too. Moreover, Hans’ ex-husband also lived there. I quickly understood that he could not leave for the next ten years because of a contract with his employer. So the idea of ​​living in the Caribbean was impossible anyway.”
But I can talk to Hans. Very good indeed. I was his favourite. The TV viewer saw none of that. I went out to dinner with him, and we went by train to Florence to see the city and walked there hand in hand. Another candidate has already arrived before me, Khairiye. She didn’t like it there at all, she didn’t even unpack her bag. In the end, I left before I did.
It also turns out that Hans is different than I thought. I don’t think he was ever ready for a relationship. He said it later on TV himself, but I already noticed. When I arrived I had brought him a present. But he didn’t buy us anything. He didn’t compliment, didn’t ask questions, and spoke a lot himself. We had to prepare breakfast ourselves.”

Pickle riot

“One evening I was cooking, I’m good at it. As a side dish, I’m going to make tuna salad. I had asked Hans the day before if he had things like pickles and mayonnaise in stock. He said that was all there. But that turned out not to be the case.” I decided to ask my ex Libera about it, but due to the language barrier it didn’t go well.
When I wanted to send an application to Hans to ask him if he could pick up these ingredients from the supermarket on the way home, Hayriye reacted angrily. I thought I couldn’t do that. It has become quite a riot. Libra called Hans to say I was making a scene. To which Hans hastily returned.
In the end it didn’t work out for Hans. He said he never fell in love with a woman like me. This did not bother me. We had a beautiful day together. I think he fell for me as a person, but not for my behavior. Although I did nothing wrong. He finally sent me home. But I guess he didn’t mean it that way and thought the whole thing was too complicated. There are no other candidates left either.”


“Now I’m used to the fame I received after participating in the love-filled Bed & Breakfast. It’s unprecedented: not a day goes by that people don’t talk to me. Then they say they enjoyed me so much, and they want my autograph and a picture with me. Even on the highway people will drive by me. They snarl and wave and then quickly take a picture.Like, like.
I try to be nice to my fans, and always talk to them when I see them. I say: “You will hear a lot from me, maybe I will have my own TV show.” It is not yet clear what kind of program it will be. I am versatile, they can go with me in any direction. Trial recordings have already been made. I didn’t even know I was so talented at it. The Dutch public loves me. I’ve also been criticized, but I don’t care.
I’m still looking for a nice guy who will match me. But it must add something to my life. I am looking for someone who can stand over me. I don’t need a man for a nice house or a nice car, I have it myself. If he’s divorced and has kids and everything is complicated, I don’t need him either – I just want to enjoy myself.
On the other hand, I love the freedom I have now. I have a lot of single guys around me that I’m friends with, but I don’t like any of them. Yes, I would like to fall in love again. Maybe I’d prefer my fiancée back. He was the perfect man for me then. I think he saw me on TV now. If he asks me if I want to continue with him, I will immediately do so.”

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Text: Ella Mae Wester
Photo: Yasmejn Tan

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