Celebrity Breakups in 2022: These Were the Striking

Even the richest and most successful people in this world go through breakups. This is also the case in the well-known Netherlands. As the year comes to an end, we have listed the most notable breakups of 2022 for you. BN’er edition.

The most controversial celebrity breakups in 2022

Relationships don’t always last. This also applies to Dutch celebrities, but with them it is more pronounced. Throughout 2022, there have been a number of breakups and breakups that have gripped us all. These are the most prominent cases of celebrity separation in 2022.

1. Montana Milland and Dirk

Let’s start right with the latest outage of 2022 in BN’er Land. One of Martien and Erica Meiland’s daughters, Montana Meiland, breaks off her relationship with Dirk. After eight years together, the cake is done. The break didn’t come unexpectedly, as Meiland’s descendant had already shown up on the cruise with her family without her boyfriend.

2022 The dismantling of a billion dollars

2. Leontine Reuters and Marco Borsato

2022 has been an eventful year in terms of relationships in the UK land. He was also often a condenser for Leontine Ruiters and Marco Borsato. After a marriage of 23 years, Marco and Leontín Borsato separated in early 2020 due to an affair between singer and pianist Iris Hund. In 2021, Marco and Leontine find each other again, but in 2022 the bubble bursts. In fact, Leontine is now quite happy with millionaire John Huiberts.

3. Jochem Major and Marlos Nova

Comedian Jochem Meijer and singer Marlos Nova separated in December 2022. The comedian wrote on Instagram that they “parted in love.” He also said, “We think our soul mate comes into her own like that.” The two have a son, Milly, and a daughter, Lemony, but the exact reason for the split is unknown.

bn'ers 2022 apart

4. Jutta Leerdam and Quinn Fairoy

They are no longer the most famous skating couple in the country. Jutta Leerdam ended her relationship with Koen Verweij in August. This might have something to do with all the rumors about Quinn cheating, but we can’t be sure. Jota explained on her Instagram account: “We are at different stages in our lives and are no longer the match we were before. I wish him all the best.” So the new villa near the Thialf skating rink in Heerenveen had to be sold.

bn'ers breakup 2022

5. A B&B full of love – Richard and Simon

Of course this couple can’t be missed on our list of celebrity breakups for 2022. The two can now rightfully be called celebrities with the hit dating show B&B Vol Love. “I didn’t feel what I wanted to feel,” Richard ended the relationship over the phone. Simone was devastated by the breakup, but now she is moving on with her life. She’s also open to a cute new guy and is very active on Instagram.

bn'ers 2022 apart

6. Rose Bertram and Gregory van der Will

Celebrity breakup 2022: Rose Bertram and former footballer Gregory van der Wiel split. “I am currently Single and ready to mingleRose said on the YouTube series Open the map. Both are still single, but Rose has been linked to Thijs Boermans at Expeditie Robinson. It hasn’t been confirmed if the two actually had a slip-up on the tropical island.

Team Pen R 2022 disbands

7. Thomas van der Vlogt and Meryl Becks in The Bachelor

Although StukTV’s Thomas and Merel Beks were madly in love after filming De Bachelor, juice channels quickly showed the first photos of Thomas not taking his new relationship status seriously. “My heart is broken,” Meryl responded tearfully on Instagram. Therefore, both of them are currently single and there are no new romance rumors known yet.

Team Pen R 2022 disbands

8. Anna Noushin and Nassim Zita

Who else has been single again since 2022? Influencer Anna Noushin. The successful internet entrepreneur and her boyfriend, Nassim Zita, have decided to separate, she wrote on Instagram Stories in June. The two have been together for four years, but unfortunately it just doesn’t work out anymore. : My belief in love will always be there and I will cherish the time we had together. According to rumors, she is now very comfortable with Thijs Boermans, because the two have been spotted together everywhere and vacationing in Bonaire.

Team Pen R 2022 disbands

9. Yorick Scholten and Jimmy Weiss

February 2022 was dominated by abuse of jimmy weiss by her boyfriend lil klein at the time. It was Yvonne Coldeweijer who posted the abuse on her Instagram, with a video showing how Jorik hit his fiancée’s head between a car door after an argument. Jaimie filed a report and left for Ibiza with their son, Lío. Meanwhile, the two are still embroiled in a vicious lawsuit. Jamie is now happy with her best friend.

Celebrity breakup in 2022

10. Linda de Mol and Jeroen Rittbergen

In February 2022, a gutter about The Voice Of Holland opens. Several people involved in the program have been accused of misconduct by dozens of previous candidates. They informed the program #BOOS, created by Tim Hoffman. Also among the defendants is Jeroen Rietbergen, husband of Linda de Mol. For the presenter, this was reason enough to put an end to their relationship, although now there are rumors that the two are trying to salvage the relationship.

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