Who does Monica Josie think she is?

What was the radical decision made by Monica Josie?
The vlogger girl, who has been bombarding us with her daily videotaped activities since she was 19, suddenly gave up. In her latest video, she announced that she would stop her entertaining vlogs, which were mainly watched by teenage girls and nerdy gentlemen. Whether it was sinking into bed with a hangover, driving to McDonald’s for a greasy mouth or going to a party full of slutty girlfriends: Geuze filmed it all. This resonated with the target group, because her videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube.

Why is she actually quitting?
Five years ago, Geuze had already decided not to vlog and post every day, but only once a week. It now appears that this decision was a prelude to Geuze choosing to stop altogether. Her YouTube fame has earned her a variety of television work, and she founded her own lifestyle brand, Sophia Mae. In addition, she is the mother of her 4-year-old daughter, Zara Lizzie, whom she also wants to give enough attention to since she has not gone to school full time.

Besides the must-miss Geuze YouTube drama, there was also good news, right?
Definitely. Because in her latest video, the 27-year-old influencer mentioned that her relationship with boyfriend Robert failed. For all the single men who’ve watched Geuze alongside Lil’ Kleine, soccer player Lars Veldwijk, and retail entrepreneur Robbert Kroese, there is now a glimmer of hope on the bachelor’s horizon. A little side note: you have to have a lot of money to go broke and also install the Raya dating app, which is a special app made exclusively for successful people or celebrities. This is how she met Kroese. Furthermore, due to her breakup with Kroese, Geuze is at a “terrifying to go through” phase.

What does Monica Josey think about herself?
“It’s not fun now, it’s hard for a while.”

What do you think of Monica Josie?
We really respect Monica Geuze’s stern choice and wish her a lot of strength.

What do others think of Monica Josie?

She is a very pretty girl who always does what feels right for herself. And everything is in your power. In addition, she has a very pretty face: very delicate and easy to make up.

very beautiful lips, beautiful skin; All in all a very beautiful woman. Are we friends? No, I prefer to call them good acquaintances. We ask how the other is doing, we wish each other a Happy New Year and when we are together, we feel natural, comfortable and familiar.

Lars Veldwijk – Ex
On Instagram: “Every home has a cross, nobody’s perfect, not me, not Monica, and therefore everyone has their stuff.” But every day I try to learn how to be a better person, a better father, and a better person. I hope you can see what kind of father I am, and no, I’m not perfect, but I do my best every single day to become one. So is Monica, with trial and error, but we do the best we can in our own way.

Jan Kroes his ex-father-in-law

As my daughter-in-law, I found her to be a very sweet personality. I had a good relationship with her and still do. We close it in our hearts, but alas: if love doesn’t go the way it should go, you have to say goodbye to each other. One of her traits that I really appreciate as a father-in-law is that she is an amazing, hard-working, and talented business woman. And that suits the Kroese family well.

Volter Crouse – fellow co-star of The Masked Singer
I was surprised at how well Monica sings The Maskers Singer. Especially with the dance and that warm suit, I never expected that! For the rest: I personally didn’t know that girl very well. I know what she did and did, but I didn’t know her personally. Behind the scenes I thought she was a very nice girl. When you talk to her, you notice that she is very smart. She’s just a business woman. I understand that she has stopped vlogging. It is labor intensive, for her it was a day job and she also has a young child. I also made this choice at a certain point, to go back from three hundred performances a year to more than a hundred, so that I could spend more time with my family. My son Walter Jr. is busy with the Twitch livestreaming site, so I can see how long it takes. If you have as many followers as Monica and make a living with her, there will be a financial hole somewhere soon. You will absorb that through TV work and entrepreneurship, I think.

Lena Brill – Social Media Expert
On tipvanjet.nl: “Monica Josie is our main character and, perhaps unconsciously, the wisest woman in the Netherlands with a very important message. She shows that you don’t have to take life too seriously. Monika knows how life works: you have to earn Money to live and celebrate every success.Eat and rest with everyone you love.Don’t worry too much about what other people think of you.Monica hates the world.

Fritz Wester – Watch Crown Associate
When I took part in Crown Witness in 2017, I didn’t yet know who she was. I was the last to lose weight, it was one episode earlier. She was very smart about things that required phones and the internet, which is also her line of work. She was very fanatical and could sleep well, because she was always late, for breakfast. Preferably take a nap after lunch. Then she went back in time. She had a stiff neck and back and he let me massage her, I’m good at that. In the company of course, but I think a lot of men can be jealous of it, haha.

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