Third update | “Ferrari does not object to Red Bull and agrees to the engine regulations”

Ferrari is unhappy with giving Red Bull Powertrains newcomer status to the 2026 rule change and threatens to veto it. The deadline for engine manufacturers to sign up for 2026 has already passed, but Ferrari is yet to put its name on paper. The Italian team doesn’t think it’s fair that Red Bull Racing can actually use Honda’s technical know-how and get more budget and more time on the test bench for 2026.

According to the generally well-established The Italian branch of Ferrari wants to veto it. The Italian team has not yet signed the 2026 engine regulations, although the deadline has already passed. Maranello doesn’t like Red Bull Powertrains to be seen as a new engine manufacturer. In this way, the Austrian team can take advantage of the concessions that have been made, just like Audi.

Ferrari indicates cooperation with Honda

Three parties are currently registered, namely Mercedes, Audi and Red Bull Powertrains. While the latter two are taking some advantage, Ferrari believes Red Bull is already benefiting enough from its relationship with Honda. The Japanese engine manufacturer supports the team of Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez until 2025. In addition, there is a possibility that Honda will remain connected to Red Bull and will provide the technical side of the power supply, although other sources speak of a collaboration between Red Bull and Ford.

“Ferrari fears that the multi-makes champion will gain a technical advantage through all the concessions.” This gives Red Bull Powertrains more budget and more time to test the power source. So the Italian racing team wants to crack down. “Scuderia often internalizes its political choices, but this time the team really wants to get to the table.” In 2021, it was decided that Ferrari would retain its veto power, making the Italian team the only team with such power.

Update 8:35 AM (12/21) | Ferrari not vetoing, but concerns about Red Bull Powertrains situation remain

Ferrari will not veto engine regulations for 2026. The Italian team has not yet signed on as engine manufacturer for the 2026 season, with the team having issues with the status of newcomer Red Bull Powertrains. Ferrari still has concerns about the status of Red Bull Racing’s engine division, so discussions are still ongoing.

The engine resource registration deadline has passed for a while now, but this only applies to newcomers. Therefore, Audi, Red Bull Powertrains and Honda are registered correctly. Renault and Mercedes also signed up, purely as a formality. Only Ferrari is currently behind, but the team is not going to use its right of veto, and is usually well informed Formula1a. uno. However, concerns remain about the status of Red Bull Powertrains.

The motorcycle division of the Austrian racing team naturally has some advantages with being a newcomer. For example, the budget cap is slightly higher and Red Bull Powertrains also get more rig time. According to Ferrari, this is not entirely fair that the cooperation with Honda has been extended until 2025. In addition, the team, and Mattia Binotto in particular, is also questioning the technical regulations. Ferrari’s 2026 entry is in no doubt, though.

Second update 3:30 PM (04/01) | “The department in F1 on the state of Red Bull Powertrains, Ferrari would prefer not to use the veto”

Ferrari is still not happy about positioning Red Bull Powertrains as a newcomer for the 2026 season. The Italian branch of Even states that the top of the racing stable is considering a veto, despite preferring a compromise. At the same time, it was confirmed that Ferrari was not invited to a meeting between the two engine manufacturers.

Ferrari currently seems to be the only engine manufacturer with issues in the case of Red Bull Racing’s engine division. The Italian racing stable appears to have ignored the veto, but the choice is back on the table. However, Ferrari wants to ensure that there is no greater division in the sport. So Ferrari mainly hopes to find a solution that satisfies everyone.

Third update 9:56 am (1/16) | “Ferrari does not object to Red Bull and agrees to the engine regulations”

Ferrari not vetoing Red Bull Powertrains and agreeing to 2026 engine regulations, reports say Corriere dello Sport Monday morning. Only the Italian racing stable had yet to agree to the new rules, as it questioned the status of the Red Bull engine division as a “newcomer”. Now, however, Ferrari appears to be waiving its veto.

The skepticism surrounding Red Bull Powertrains arose because there was doubt that they could be used Intellectual property from Honda. As a result, Red Bull won’t be a complete newcomer when Formula 1 introduces the new engine regulations for 2026. However, Honda, which may want to return in 2026, will likely not return to Red Bull.

Ferrari initially thought Mercedes and Renault would think the same about Red Bull, but it turns out that’s not the case. As a result, the Italian manufacturer became cut off from engine regulation negotiations after it failed to agree on November 30, 2022 and did not even participate on December 15. Partly because of this, Ferrari’s top-of-the-line now conforms to the regulations, according to Corriere.

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