Jack and Sylvia know Nederwirt like the back of their hand

CLD Groep distributes printed materials to Nederweert Corners and beyond. Dat.Magazine is also delivered door to door by CLD Group employees. As a supplement to Weekblad voor Nederweert, it finds its way to everyone’s home address in the municipality of Nederweert. Now we hear you say:We don’t receive it.Report this to Drukkerij van Deursen or CLD Groep, and Jack Clauwers (50) will sort it out quickly. The owner of the CLD Group brings it to the relevant address himself.

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How did Jack become a delivery boy?
In 1986, at the age of 14, Jacques reports to Dagblad De Limburger as a delivery boy. It is designated the outermost region of Nedrewirt. Every week he rode his bicycle to deliver Land van Weert, then still a copy of Dagblad De Limburger, to the outback.

Jacques did lts and SME Automotive Engineering. He wanted to be a truck driver. The ever-increasing traffic on the road prevented him from doing so. His second option was to volunteer for military service. When he gets a job at a tech company in Weert, he decides not to. A long line of employers followed.

Meanwhile, he was working as a newspaper delivery boy. In the morning, he got up early to do the delivery round, and then went in at 8:00 with the boss. This combination seemed perfect for a while, but at some point it got its revenge. Although the parquet company he eventually worked for did not want to let him go, he chose to apply for a postman position. It was accepted.

This is how his career as a conductor (post) began. For several years he sorted and delivered the mail. When Jack was able to expand his activities as a warehouse owner, there was a serious living to be made.

How the company started and grew
Jack is now 40 years later and has been tried and tested in the breeding industry. So is Sylvia, who Jack has been with for 30 years. Until 2011 they hand over the newspaper together. Jack did the work of the hinterland, and Sylvia the cores and warehouses in Ospel and Nederweert. This worked so well that they decided to put the company in their name. The company has grown.

At one time, with their team, they delivered Telegraaf, De Limburger, Limburgs Dagblad and Financieel Dagblad within the entire municipality of Nederweert. They also helped deliver magazines in Weert, Ell and Ittervoort. They knew the streets in Naderwirt like the back of their hand. The roads in those other places don’t. They saw it as a challenge.

When the couple has mastered something, it’s time to start something new. That’s why Silvia started Woeffie in 2009, an in-home pet walking and grooming service. She not only walked dogs, but also took care of cats, horses, and snakes if the client so desired. After a while, she opened the online store and in 2013 the physical one. These activities are perfectly compatible with Silvia’s hobby: dogs, cats, horses and snakes. Unfortunately, the store and online store did not last.

How do they find solutions?
This adventurous couple is not averse to getting their hands dirty. When things don’t go well for them commercially, they decide to work a little more, because quitting wasn’t an option. Jack worked more hours, and Sylvia went to work at a cleaning address. The need cannot be great or there will be a solution. And so with them. When they saw one evening at the end of 2012 that Martin van Deursen had himself delivered Weekblad for Nederweert, they got an idea. “What if we distributed Drukkerij van Deursen’s weekly magazine!” The next day, Jack enters the Van Deursen company. He apparently had such a good proposition that he got the weekly paper in circulation. Ten years ago now.

Because of their work, the streets in Nederweert and Weert no longer hold any secrets for Jack and Sylvia. Complaints about non-delivery are easily dealt with, they know exactly who lives where, if they have a sticker on their mailbox and who made the road that day. Problems are resolved instantly. In general, Jack and Sylvia live an intense life. They literally have several kilometers around the clock. Why do they do that? “Because we don’t want to work for a boss. We prefer freedom. Moreover, the variability of work is fun!” Their position is clear. It is said that the approaching recession does not worry them. They cannot be confined to one hole. Jack: “You can worry about anything. We’ll solve problems as they arise.”

who are their customers
The company name was changed to CLD Groep (Clauwers Linders Distributie Groep) a few years ago. Since then, customers have become more familiar with the distribution service. Jack, Sylvia and their team hand out door-to-door (advertising) brochures, flyers and other printed materials with care and are competitively priced! An important case in current times. Because also, or perhaps especially, when prices go up, it’s important to be seen as a company.

In addition to the weekly Nederweerter, their mailbag also contains the monthly Hallo, the magazine Nr.1 ​​and of course, Dat. magazine. For the municipalities of Weert and Nederweert, they take care of the distribution of the electoral paper and the Fairground newspaper, among others. Local and regional businesses and associations know where to find them to distribute their brochures or newspapers. Do you want to distribute? Contact CLD Groep and everything will be fine.

What can you do
Boys and girls walk or cycle for their rides every day. They ensure that information reaches us. The only thing the delivery person will require of you is a light in the mailbox, so that it is clearly visible. Do not put bicycles in front of (the group). Mailboxes in apartment complexes and trim vegetation around the mailbox at least once a year. Little thing right? gladly!

text: Francis Brokers / Sparkle Text & Communication
picture: Amber Uiterwijk Winkel / Glendi – Digital Solutions
printing: Doors Printing Company

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