Wolf op Hoge Veluwe no longer visits people, but the fears have not gone away | the animals

Wandering wolves are less likely to catch game

If the young wolves fail to break through the fence, they must fight their parents. When there is a shortage of habitat, wolves fight each other. “Fathers win that,” Lelyveld says firmly. “They have much more experience. But I don’t know of a single documented case of young people starting to fight with their parents.”

If a young wolf begins to search for its own territory, then the animal must search for food on its own. A new situation, because before that time the parents were giving food. Sheep can be an easy snack, because in what unfamiliar area do deer live?

Only when the wolf finds its own habitat does the animal focus more on the game. “The wolf then learns to know the territory, and therefore knows where the deer are. Then the learning process of how to hunt is improved very quickly. The wolves are completely dependent on it,” explains Lillyfeld.

“If this wolf (who came to people, ed.) was walking around and was hungry, it doesn’t help that the animal has learned in the past that people can feed it,” says Lillyfeld. He does not rule out the return of the wolf to its old habit of tying people to food. Lennartz also thinks there is an opportunity.

According to Lelieveld, neighboring countries are watching the situation with excitement, because the wolf can move there too.

Meeste wolven leven op de Veluwe

  • In Nederland he can see wolverines nu een eigen leefgebied.
  • Daarnaast lopen er ook meerdere zwervende wolven door ons land. Die zijn op zoek naar een eigen territorium. Die dieren vestigen zich lang niet allemaal in Nederland.
  • Drie rodels bevinden zich op de Veluwe. Een op de Noord-Veluwe, Een op de Midden-Veluwe in dus Een op park De Hoge Veluwe.

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