Show dancing and guarding at a high level in Bergem | Oss, Uden, and others

Although – the entire South Holland, who love the parade and the guard dance, gathered on Sunday at the De Berchplaets community center in Berghem for one of the selected tournaments of the European Championships. The local Beatyes dance club has already signed up to host the competition for the 38th time.

At De Berchplaets, it was a full day of coming and going for girls in sparkly suits, colorful cakes, and sparkly makeup. No fewer than 400 dancers took part, and together with hundreds of spectators they secured a packed village hall.

Board members and coaches Martje and Flor van Kessel explain the difference between show dance and guard dance. ,, In the dance show, visualize a story with your dance. It’s a bit like theater but with a lot more dancing. The jury is out on how well the dancers crawl into the characters and how well everything is portrayed.

Music, clothes, performance, everything has to be just right. , for example, we came to represent the theme of The Handmaid’s Tale. We used the music from the series and the dancers were wearing the signature red clothes that are also worn in the series. We come up with the full performance ourselves and try to be original. As a choreographer, you’re always working on this. Because next year you have to invent something new.


I play Vincent van Gogh, then I put on a hat and a wig, and then I have to pretend I’m a little crazy. I think this is very cool

Eva Eugene (12), participant

Acrobatics, agility and speed

Word: Gardedans are very different. It’s a bit like what the dance marshals show at carnival clubs, but on a higher level. Acrobatics, agility and speed are important here. And everything has to happen absolutely synchronously. This makes it very intense, and immediately noticeable when someone makes a mistake.”

The Beatyes have about forty members from 5 to 30 years old, and expectations are high: many teams expect to win a ticket to the next European Championship, which will be held in Belgium in May.

A good chance for the Estonian krona

Eva Eugen (12) and Sues van Ravenstein (11) think they have a good chance of going to the European Championships. Eva performs three times today in both the guard dance and the parade dance, and Suus even performs four times, as she also performs a solo dance. Eva is very excited about the character dance she will perform soon: , I play Vincent van Gogh, then I put on a hat and a wig and then I have to pretend I’m a little crazy. I find that very interesting.”

, Then we should not laugh at all, because it is inappropriate in such a situation. Then we have to take a serious look.” Adds Suus. “I dance in the background and photograph things that belonged to Van Gogh, like sunflowers and potato eaters.”


I like that you put something together. It’s a real team sport and we’re not only teammates but friends too

Sam Myers (21), co

Totally addicted to dancing

Both dancers started dancing at the age of six with the Beatyes and are totally addicted to dancing. They train together twice a week and also exercise a lot at home. They also find competitions “pretty cool”. “We’re then so focused that we only care about dancing. We don’t see the room, just each other and the jury,” says Seuss.

Sam Meyers (21), Anouk van Eldyk (22) and Wassim Gut (19) didn’t get their turn until 7:15 in the evening. However, at a quarter past seven in the morning they are already on their way to help at the entrance to De Berchplaets. They started working two or three times today on the show Dancing in the Park and have been active with the Beatyes since they were six.

Sim: I’d love to put something together. It’s a real team sport and we’re not only teammates but friends too. I also coach a group of girls, so Wednesdays are always about dancing. I grew up with her and I wouldn’t want her any other way.”

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