Roxeanne: The self-proclaimed black sheep is the best horse from Hazes stable

“I just refuse to keep people around me who don’t have a good effect on my mental health. I can’t take that, and I definitely can’t do that to my kid,” Roxeanne Hazes said recently on Youtuber Kaj Gorgels’ podcast. Sounds very reasonable, but it’s also unnatural for her. Not only because it refers to mother Rachel and thus keeps her son’s grandmother at a distance, but mainly because she hasn’t learned to put the kids in the house first. Earlier this year, Rox said in Dear singers Candid about her childhood and how it was permanently damaged. The period immediately following her father’s death is particularly scarring. Then my mother was not with me for nine months. Only when you want her to be sad.” She clearly felt abandoned and still had “a bad form of homesickness.” “You’re ruining a person with that for the rest of their life. I am an adult woman, but I find it difficult to sleep on my own.

Aside from her mother and brother Andre, Rooks has received nothing but praise for her peek into her soul. So it’s amazing how it manifests itself. As a woman who is open minded, reasonable and above all authentic. And so with such a background. “It’s no secret that my family is a rather complicated story,” Gorgels opened the door.


Three wrist tattoos

She had been without her father since the age of eleven, after which she was at the mercy of her mother’s whims. When Rachel was home for a change, she thought it would be a good idea to honor Andre, so soon after his death. A few clinics ago, Dre said to the uninitiated Veronica Superguide How does that work. “I was 10 when I got my first tattoo, I must have a record of it. Ten silly young men would have chosen an eternal sticker, but my father had just passed away, and my mother, sister and I wanted him to be remembered.” Junior himself was thinking of a necklace in which he wanted to put the ashes. The widow thought it was a bad idea. “I was a fighter and thought the thing was going to come off my neck in no time. That’s why she asked for the same wrist tattoo three times at the tattoo shop, referring to their wedding date.”
Getting your kids tattooed at ages 10 and 12, with a symbol referring to yourself, says enough about the madhouse that Rocks grew up in. If you’re not convinced yet, you should read the book (Andrey model) Why Rachel isolated herself from her family. Some crazy clips:

“When I was about fifteen years old, I began to look after Melvin (Andre’s son from a previous marriage, so.). When Andrei and I found out that we had feelings for each other, they disappeared from sight. That was not possible then. I was a kid and we were separated for nearly twenty years.

“When it exploded, it really hit. Wherever he was, at home or in the hotel, he patched up the whole place in five minutes. (…) Somebody else threw it in by talking, but he just pulled out a poker on the fireplace and knocked all the gold plates off the wall .”

“I had a period when I went to school so slutty, with so much make-up and navel piercings, that I belonged to slutty bitches.”

On the beating she received from her husband: “The most disturbing thing is that the children were still awake and witnessed it. Little Dre jumped up and yelled at his dad to leave me alone and Roxy already had the phone in her hands to call someone.

“Andre told me what his real problem was that he had been struggling all his life. He told me that he was abused several times in his childhood.”

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In spite of everything, Rachel and Roxanne have been hand on stomach for years. The youngest even has a tattoo honoring her mother. In 2017, Rachel was admitted to the psychiatric department. “I am so proud of my mother for taking this step,” says Roxanne. “Rachel has been through a lot in her life and everything that has added has become increasingly difficult for her in recent months. So it seemed like she had better work on this with outside help.”

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