How are things going with Milko and Odette in the French Pyrenees? – I’m leaving

Warning: This article contains spoilers! The French adventure of Melko and Odette will be broadcast on January 21, 2023 at 9:35 PM on NPO 1 and can be watched on NPO Plus from January 15, 2023. If you haven’t watched the broadcast yet, we recommend that you watch it first before reading the update below.

Milko and Odette want less stress and more time for themselves and their animals. Seven years ago, they bought an old farmhouse in the French Pyrenees and decided to live there forever. They want to take vacationers and start a horse breeding business. Do you like French life?

Milko and Odette update – Lacaune B&B La Coudercarie

We do well here in France! We are well accustomed to life here and now have more time for our animals. We enjoy the beautiful surroundings we live in every day; Wonderful in the mountains and forests with a lot of wild animals around us. French life suits us just fine. We are already well established, it was a task to arrange everything here. Lots of paperwork and a long wait before anything can be arranged, but we all made it through and we’re very glad we did.

All is well with Chihuahuas Coco, Bonita and Lily. They love the environment and lots of walks in the woods. All is going well with our five horses: they have two more hectares of pasture and can eat a lot of grass now that the whole paddock is ready!

Chambre d’hôtes

From May we rent one room for two people with its own entrance. The first time we rented this bed and breakfast room, we loved it. The guests were very friendly and the breakfast also worked well. It took a while to get used to making a breakfast like this for the first time, but we think everything worked out just fine. The guests were very satisfied.

We never miss the busy life in the Netherlands

Milko and Odette

We also face much less pressure now than when we were still in Odette’s private company and when Melco was still in business. It’s quieter, because there are so many projects we have completed now. The deadlines for upcoming projects are less tight, which gives us a sense of relief.

Horse shelter

After the last recordings of Ik’s departure, we started sheltering on six hectares of meadow. This was a great job, it took us over a month. The stable measures 9 by 3 meters and has a height of 2.30. We had to lift all the wood by hand. Then we finished with the third bar of whey. Installation of more than 100 poles and 2 km of wire. Many young trees and blackberry bushes were also removed. It was completed exactly at the end of the year after six weeks of hard work.

We have already started breeding horses. There are now two foals for sale, but due to the bad economic situation in 2022, there have been no buyers yet. You hardly sell any horses in the winter, so you have to wait for the spring. These foals must first be sold if new foals are born.

French culture

Like almost everyone who would immigrate, we naturally had to get used to the culture in France. We have not yet been able to learn the language properly due to being busy last year. When it’s quieter here, we definitely want to start with this. And of course there was a lot of paperwork to arrange, which takes longer than in the Netherlands.


Milko misses seeing his two sons alive. Fortunately, his youngest son, Nick, visited France this summer with his girlfriend. And his eldest son, Michael, is very happy to visit him in the summer of 2023. As soon as Melko has more time, he will definitely return to Holland. But other than that it misses a little.

Odette misses her friends and family. Her father, brother, sister-in-law and children visited her in October, but only for a short time. And she misses some foods, like licorice and Chinese food. Sometimes some aspects of her work as a veterinarian are missed.


We think we went to France well prepared. There are always setbacks, you can’t prepare for that. You also come across them in everyday life in the Netherlands. In five years we will still be living here in France. Hopefully then we’ll have more time to do fun things; Getting around the area, horseback riding, walking, gardening and swimming. The B & B is going well, but for us it is not always necessary to book it fully, so we have time to go to the beach.

Milko and Odette

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