19 Traditional Dutch Girl Names You Don’t Hear Often


Are you pregnant with a girl? Then you probably imagined the names. Maybe you’ve known for years what you want to name your little one, but maybe you’re looking for inspiration. In the latter case, you’re in the right place here: 19 Dutch girl names you don’t hear often.

Jamie’s, Jaydens, Butterflies, and Moons are flying around you. Very nice of course, but it could also be a little less “spirited” with names that are a bit forgotten. What about traditional Dutch girl names?

19 Traditional Dutch Girl Names You Don’t Hear Often

  1. Evelyn
    Reminiscent of Evelyn and this seems to be a corruption of this name. The name means “giving life”, only the name is no longer actually alive. People no longer choose Evelijne so quickly (even autocorrect makes it Eveline), while: very pretty, isn’t it?
  2. dismantle
    Originally a Frisian girl’s name. It means something like “yew tree” and comes from Yvonne’s name.
  3. Marie
    Okay, okay, it doesn’t really fall into the traditional Dutch girl names, but it’s old-fashioned: Maria. Indeed, a reference to the mother of Jesus.
  4. almonds
    A true Dutch name that has found its way abroad also in the form of Lucy. The meaning of the name is ‘glorious warrior’ and who wouldn’t want that for their little one?
  5. Els
    The name means “dedicated to God” and that might be why we don’t hear it as often anymore: religious names in the Netherlands are much less represented than they used to be. And maybe that’s why it’s so fun. Hip or bump? Elsa (let her go…) is also possible, of course.
  6. Agnes
    “Holy”, “pure” and “little lamb”: this is what the name Agnes means. Very cute, but not many Agnesses are born these days. A real original traditional Dutch name.
  7. Joanna
    Another name that found its origin in the Bible. It means “God is merciful” and is derived from the name John.
  8. Adah
    If your baby is your lucky day, this name is really perfect because it means “happy” (and “decoration,” but to mention that is less fun).
  9. o
    You no longer hear the name you often, except when it comes to series from the past: Ot & Sien. Sounds sweet and cheerful, right? The meaning of the name is not exactly known, as it was often used as an abbreviation for longer names, for example Josina and Gesina.
  10. eel
    “Ruler with the sword” or “of noble origin”: Alatji can have two meanings. It is derived from the boy’s name Alt, which in turn is a variant of the Germanic name Adelwald. Then you look prettier.
  11. Miss
    Monkey, Note, Miss: Who doesn’t know that? So the name is really typical Dutch, although the meaning is a bit questionable. According to some, it means ‘wonderful by nobles’ or son of Tolmai (and tolmai means tractor of wheat or rich in wrinkles). This isn’t really a pleasant thing, but the word mies alone also means something negative: It’s a Yiddish word for “ugly” and “envious.” But oh well: your baby is the cutest in the world – whether his name is Miss or not.
  12. Hildegard
    The first part of the name, “Hilde,” means something like “struggle.” The second part of the name, “gard”, means “enclosed space, grove” or “branch, little offspring”. The name was very popular until about 1970, after which it fell out of favor.
  13. for you
    There can be many things going for the name Lieke, and it can come from Latin and Greek, but the traditional Dutch variant is derived from the name Lia. Lia, in turn, is a shortened version of names ending in “lia,” such as Cornelia and Julia. Cornelia means “the one with horns” and Julia means “young man”.
  14. Netge
    Also as for the name Neeltje, it is not clear where it came from, but there is a good chance that it is derived from the name Cornelis. This is an ancient name best known by the Christian name of Officer Cornelius in the Bible. On the other hand, it can also be an abbreviation of the Latin name Petronella, where “Petro” stands for “hardcore farmer” or “caribou”.
  15. Gijsje
    ‘Bright arrow’ or ‘shining’, that’s what Gijsje’s name means. It’s not a common name, while we hear her brother Giggs go through a lot (both in animals and humans).
  16. Cornelia
    The meaning of the name is not erotic: “horned” or “patron of (cattle) cattle.” In any case, the first person to be bullied because of the origin of his name was not even born yet. And the name itself sounds pretty, right?
  17. Kate
    Of course, we don’t often hear the name “Katje”, but we do hear “Katje Cape”. The name means “pure” and this is your little one for you, of course: pure (happiness, bad night’s sleep, anxiety). So pure.
  18. Facebook
    Puk is a fun name and that also fits the meaning: ‘rascal’ and ‘trickster’. Of course we all know a variation of it from Annie MG Schmidt’s books (hello Pluk van de Petteflet!) and so it’s by no means new, but Puk (especially the variant with C, Puck) is still out of fashion.
  19. Jet
    The name Jet is tough and stubborn and that is probably why the entire origin of the name cannot be traced. It could come from Henriette, but it could also be a fabrication. Others say it comes from Hendrik: one of the most common Germanic boys’ names. The word “Hen” comes from “Heim”, which means “dwelling, yard” and “Rik” means “great, great” or “ruler”.

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