Women, wealth and followers: dive into the world of Instagram’s biggest playboy


The Life of Dan Bilzerian, summed up by Dan Bilzerian: “I feel like I’m playing a video game that I finished a long time ago.”

People without social media may never have heard of this guy, but to the rest of the world, Dan Bilzerian is the most mischievous and enviable man on earth. His 33 million followers blindly praise the ‘King of Instagram’ as he sang Adonis Pur with a divine body, millions of dollars in the bank and an endless harem of gorgeous bikini models. To the larger group of skeptics, enemies, and haters, Bilzerian is above all else a cocky, talentless idyllic rich kid with a superficial misogyny.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. What is certain is that this social phenomenon lives like no other and is very happy to be featured on its digital channels. Among the stunning photos and videos with which the American playboy confronts onlookers every day, it’s good to look for images without busty and half-naked women, exotic dream locations, wild parties, muscular blazer uppers, big firearms, fat yachts and expensive cars. This 42-year-old seems to do nothing but relax, soak, and lounge in the jacuzzi all day with dozens of vivacious ladies.

But appearances are deceiving. sort of. Because, unlike his idealized images, Bilzerian seems to be working hard behind the scenes. Or well, to work. The wealthy influencer himself claims to have become rich with his love of poker, a hobby he prefers to share with other very rich poker players or famous friends. A full house in a private blazer tournament is said to make millions of dollars just like that.

If you’ve been looking a little longer for the name Bilzerian, you know that the poker story is only partially true. Dan’s father, Paul Bilzerian, was an illegal Wall Street stockbroker who left his son a huge fortune in trust funds. So, the digital bon vivant never had to work, it turns out, though it does today. With his company Ignite, Bilzerian trades e-cigarettes, CBD oils, bottled water and vodka. With his network of important friends, he’s been sporadically scoring supporting roles in humble action films and reality shows, and in 2021 published an actual self-help book and previously founded a poker website.

His current estimated net worth is $200 million. What part he spends on his countless models, rented villas and extravagant lifestyle is anyone’s guess. So speculating about the “authenticity” of this Instagram king is a daily activity on the internet. Are all these beautiful women being hired by Bilzerian? How much debt does he have? Can he really play poker? This womanizer isn’t immune from the uproar, either. He once threw a porn star eight stories into a swimming pool, kicked a mannequin in the face, and was arrested on suspicion of building a bomb. Bilzerian laughed it off, posted it back on Instagram and amassed more followers, fame and money. And this playboy will continue to do so for a while. “I want to be a billionaire. This is the last thing on my bucket list.

TRAVERS BEYNON – 299,000 followers

This 50-year-old Melbourne businessman, like his American counterpart, was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. After a failed career as a rugby player and model, Beynon took control of the empire his parents founded: Freechoice Australia, the continent’s tobacco giant with 294 stores nationwide. His bank accounts exploded to around $200 million, an advantage Pinon doesn’t use sparingly. In 2010, he purchased his own gated community of 33 luxury homes. Main Attraction: Candy Shop Mansion, giant sex mansion with fifteen bedrooms, nineteen bathrooms, four kitchens, ballroom, gymnasium, gentlemen’s club, fifteen-seat movie theater, swimming pool, steam room, and solarium .

Pinon herself took the nickname The Candyman; The many playful cats are allowed to call themselves Candy Girls. Note: Beynon combines the life of a sought after playboy with real family life. Between all the breasts and buttocks, his wife and their four children live in The Candy Shop Mansion.

By day, The Candy Man vows to be the perfect father and businessman. “Every Sunday evening there is even a compulsory family dinner,” says Pinon in an interview. “Then we all sit down at our big dining table: the little kids, the older kids, all the friends, and the wife.” Cell phones are not allowed. Evenings and weekends, The Candy Shop Mansion goes “along the road.” Wild parties, riotous pool parties, orgies on the assembly line: for Beynon, this is the most natural thing in the world. His private bedroom was set up like a nightclub, with stripper poles, ceilings, lights, and smoke machines. Every night, Benon shared sheets with an average of four women. “There are times when I see myself in the mirrored ceiling, covered with ten pretty girls, and think to myself: I could die with pleasure now.” And yes, Ms. Bennon is totally happy with that. “I love women, it’s my body and I love sharing it with other women.”

For new recruits, the Beynon family has a real application procedure, complete with a probationary period. Young, attractive women are flown in from all over the world – “Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Europe, Turkey, the UK, everywhere” – to live the life of a candy girl. This is not easy, warns The Candy Man. “I have strict rules to make sure things stay in tune here. Because I’m so picky. My girls have to be fun, bubbly, outgoing, spontaneous, adventurous and respectful to everyone. And I always want to know why they want to be my girlfriend.”

It all looks delicious, but playboy life isn’t all roses, Benon swears. “There were girls who misbehaved, were rude, or just always wanted to have sex with me. Then you wouldn’t last long here. Some girls even flew in from England and were able to come back half an hour later.

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