BK cyclo-cross 2023 preview | The black, yellow and red are up for grabs due to Van Aert’s absence

Wout van Aert passes for the Belgian cyclo-cross championship, which means there are real chances for Michael Vanthourenhout, Eli Iserbyt and Laurens Sweeck. Guys like Thibau Nys have already set their eyes on the podium. Sani was defending her title in the women’s race. It promises to be a sexy BK, we take it!

This year BC will be held in Lokeren, the city that previously staged Rapencross. It’s certainly not a classic on the cyclocross calendar, but it has gained more and more status in recent years. The big difference is that Rapencross has been held in September in recent years, but BC has taken place in January. So the path can be completely different. By the way, Rapencross will not take place in September 2022, due to the preparation for the Belgian Championship.

Practical information BK cyclo-cross 2023

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The latest BK cyclo-Cross winners

2022: Sanne Cant / Wout van Aert
2021: Sanne Cant / Wout van Aert
2020: Sunny Kant / Lorenz Swick
2019: Sanne Cant/Toon Aerts
2018: Sanne Cant / Wout van Aert
2017: Sanne Cant / Wout van Aert
2016: Sanne Cant / Wout van Aert
2015: Sani Kant / Claes Vantornot
2014: Sunny Kant / Sven Nys
2013: Sani Kant / Claes Vantornot

Course, weather and times for BK cyclocross 2023

The BC track in Lokeren is, as Rapencross has always been, in Park Ten Beuken, near the center of Lokeren. The Hangman is Mont Henri, centrally located on the course. Riders are sent up this hill several times: first several times along the side, then twice in the middle. The lap is 3.3 kilometers (600 meters longer than the Rapencross circuit) and, in addition to Mont Henri, also features traditional beams, a sand fairway and a washboard.

It appears to rain heavily on Saturday at the Ladies’ Cross and Sunday at the Men’s Cross in Lokeren, so there is a good chance that the riders will have to dig through the mud. On Saturday, the temperature is 12 degrees Celsius, which is a lucky degree for women. On the other hand, men will have to ride in a cold Sunday. On the last day of the weekend, the temperature in the Belgian city is no higher than 6 degrees Celsius.

The Times Saturday 14 January 2023
10 a.m.: Under 17 – Girls
11 a.m.: Juniors – Girls
1.45pm: Junior Boys
3.15pm: Elite and U23 – Women’s

The Times Sunday 15 January 2023
10 a.m.: U-17, Year 1 – Boys
11 a.m.: U-17, Year 2 – Boys
1.45pm: U23 – Men’s
3.15pm: Elite – Men

2023 BK Cyclo-Cross Favourites

She has won the previous thirteen (!) BC editions and is therefore automatically the woman to beat in Lokeren: Sunny was! She also won Lokeren in 2018, so she knows what it means to win in this Belgian city. Its biggest competitor is Laura Verdonchot. The 26-year-old Knight has been in the shadow of the six-year-old for several years now, and likes to hang the tricolor around her shoulders.

Further in the package is also Marion Norbert Ribrol We’re having a strong season. The French-born rider has been in the top five in international cross-country several times this season and was the champion of the Belgian league in the European Championships in Namur. So is Ellen Van Looy, Jana Dobelary and The Woman in Shape Alicia Frank They are names to watch at BK on Saturday.

She has been unable to ride as a Belgian champion for almost her entire career, but this year it could be very difficult.
She has been unable to ride as a Belgian champion for almost her entire career, but this year it could be very difficult.

Men’s favorite BK 2023 cyclocross

Elie Esserbet He won the previous two editions of Rapencross in Lokeren, thus proving he can handle Mont Henri. Although Iserbyt has been known for years to perform well in September and October, the question is how representative this result is. On paper he looks like the big favorite for the Belgian title, but he hasn’t won since October 29.

One of his biggest rivals is his teammate and European Champion Michael Vanthornhout. He’s already shown he’s in good shape a few times this year, but he’s especially strong on climbing crosses. It remains to be seen if Lokeren is heavy enough to make a difference. King of the Sands Lauren Swick He has taken a course in Lokeren that he will be able to handle quite well, even though it is not written for him. The sandy fairway is of course ideal for him, but he should also be able to handle the fanatical intervals on Mont Henri. He is the heaviest of the three favorites and the expected mud is not in his favour.

Behind these three gentlemen is a large group of riders, some of whom may surprise you as well. Tipo Nice He has previously noted that theater is “realistic”, though he worries about his back. Jens Adams It also seems to be getting better and better and could peak at just the right time. Nils Vandeput And Watch Fandebush He can also surprise with a podium finish. However, the victory appears to be going to one of the three big favorites.

Iserbyt (left) and Sweeck have already had several great duels this year.  Here Iserbyt won the World Cup in Arkansas.  & nbsp;
Iserbyt (left) and Sweeck have already had several great duels this year. Here Iserbyt won the World Cup in Arkansas.

BK TV Cyclo Cross 2023

The cross of women and men can be seen live Spurzatransmitter a. The Belgian broadcaster broadcasts the entire Belgian Championship. Sporza will be there on Saturdays from 1.30pm for the men’s juniors and then for the women’s elite/resumes. On Sunday Sporza will also be there from 1.30pm for the U23 men and then the elite men.

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