Equine pensioner furious after water cut due to finding Hem’s unique cannabis farm

She is fierce. After a unique hemp of 1,446 plants was discovered in a cellar in Hem, the horse house that houses the Lake Country Stables in Hem is now without water. The water meter, which was in the building where 1,446 stations were discovered, was shut down by the drinking water company PWN. 15 horses are the victims now. Owner Irma van der Elst: “We can’t do without water.”

Irma scoops up water for her horses – NH News / Michiel Baas

Irma van der Elst slides back onto the steep shore. The water is scooped up with a bucket on a rope, poured into troughs and then given to the horses. A hopeless situation for the pension of about 15 horses. “Horses drink a lot of water, 40 or 50 liters a day. And they also have to be washed. Some every day. That’s a drama.”

Frustration builds quickly. “It’s all because PWN shuts off the wrong water meter and refuses to fix it. Say it’s freezing now…then we can’t do anything at all.”


There was a raid on the other side of the building yesterday afternoon. The police found more than 1,400 cannabis plants. As a result, PWN shut off the water mains on Wednesday night and the water meter was removed. “But they closed the wrong pipe, which is ours. He was always in that building. We could have moved him once, but it would have cost 1,200 euros at the time. We thought that was a bit excessive. We make a stand once a year at the neighbor’s and this It always goes well. Because of a stupid mistake by PWN, we are now without water.”

Several phone calls to drinking water company PWN have yet to lead to a solution. “Animals can’t take care of themselves, but they need plenty of water. One horse is pregnant and if it dries up, it can refuse a foal. Other horses need to be bathed regularly. We can’t do without it.”

PWN: “Shutdown is standard procedure”

The drinking water company told PWN NH News that it regretted the situation that had arisen. “We’re working on it. We’ll look for a solution as soon as possible. It’s high on our agenda. Technicians are still going this way today to see how they’re going to solve it. It’s important for both the horses and their owners who are in a very upsetting and bad situation,” said a spokesperson for the owners. “Water has been illegally siphoned from the main pipe of the cannabis farm. So closing the pipe is standard procedure.”

It was a particular find, Wednesday afternoon in a barn in Hemmerbuurt. Because of its size and also because of where the farm is located: in a cellar. At first it was not possible to trace it to the police, who received a tip-off about a possible farm.

What followed would not be out of place in the movie. After a long search, the entrance to the cellar was found through a movable kitchen block. The harvest was impressive: 1,446 hemp plants were found. The efforts the suspects made to hide the custody were private. We can’t remember having ever found such a nursery in West Friesland,” says team leader Rob Jansen from Horne police.

The police arrested a 54-year-old man from Amstelveen and a 59-year-old man from Maidenbeemster. Their involvement is being further investigated.

1446 plants found – GLOCALmedia

A day later, the neighbors in Himmerpoort shrugged their shoulders. Yes, they have occasionally seen activity in the shed in question, behind the house. A neighbor across the street says, “I’ve often seen the same truck come and go. Then the turnstile opens and closes again. But you don’t immediately think of something like that.” “Yesterday I brought coffee to the police officers who were busy. It was the first time I saw the inside of that barn. It’s a special story.”

The owner of the house and barn lives in Spain by neighborhood. “Like every winter. I’ve lived here for about thirty years, but I’ve never actually seen it work.”

Drechterland Municipality: “The mayor decides whether to close the building”

It is not yet clear if the house and shed in Hemmerbuurt will be closed by mayor Pijl van Drechterland. “Once the police investigation is complete, the Mayor will receive a comprehensive management report. Based on the facts in that report, the Mayor will decide whether or not to close the building. This is standard procedure in such cases.” says the municipality of Drechterland.

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