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Whether you had a planned caesarean section or an emergency caesarean section, recovering from a caesarean section is a process fraught with emotional and physical challenges. Of course, C-section experiences vary from person to person. Preparing for something like this seems almost impossible, because you can only say something meaningful about it when you experience it yourself.

In retrospect, I could have taught a little more about having a C-section. My caesarean section was not planned. It never occurred to me that it would be an option. Gentle, naive, and full of good courage, I went into my first birth. Until the birth did not progress and was followed by a cesarean section. At that point, they could have cut a full circle in my beech if only this kid would come out. But when I came to my senses, I wasn’t quite ready for the recovery process.

As I said, preparing for a cesarean section is almost impossible. But I still have to let some things sink in beforehand. I could have done some research on other people’s experiences. Then at least I would have known a little bit of what to expect.

It’s a serious process

A caesarean section is a major operation in which the abdomen and uterus are cut and the muscles are relaxed to reach the baby. Let it soak for a moment. And yes, it’s cool that this is possible. The baby will be delivered safely thanks to a caesarean section. But this is completely separate from the serious surgery that the mother has to undergo.

Getting up and walking after a cesarean section

Just let me lie here for a few days, what to say, weeks, was what I thought after the cesarean section. But the sister disagreed. I had to get up and walk. Getting out of bed for the first time after a C-section was really painful. I felt like an old lady who couldn’t stand up straight. The short stretch of the bathroom was shaky, quivering and not particularly safe. I pinched my partner’s arm black and blue because it was my hand. I felt pain in my stomach and tightness.

This severe pain in my stomach, despite the pain relief, was the worst of the first 4 days. And although I preferred to stay frozen in my bed, the pain became a little less every day. So I think continuing to move carefully has helped the recovery.

Bleeding after cesarean section

The biggest surprise was the bleeding after the cesarean section, which lasted for several weeks. Kind of stupid maybe, but I didn’t think of that at all. Everyone around me also said, now you don’t have to use the boring maternity bandage. yes! The thick endometrium that built up during pregnancy should be removed anyway. Over time, the blood loss became lighter, but it lasted at least four weeks.

after effects?!

And those who thank you that you can’t have after-effects after a cesarean section are wrong! Even after a cesarean section, the uterus should contract again. On the second day after giving birth, I suddenly had strong contractions, which were much stronger than my menstrual cramps. So after effects!


I had painted a very different picture of the postpartum week than it really was. And surely you’ve factored in the tears of motherhood and “falling out of your pink cloud.” But I never could have imagined that I would be so limited after a C-section.

Now they sometimes talk about “accepting help as a new, tough, blah blah blah blah” mom. I can’t help but accept help! My day consisted of shuffling to the toilet and breastfeeding a baby that someone else should have flagged, because carrying my baby myself wasn’t really possible during maternity week. And of course it is safe to say that many women recover from a caesarean section without any problems. But I faced restrictions after cesarean section very hard.

Focus on recovery

Sometimes they say, you can’t take care of another person unless you feel good about yourself first? I found the first period after my caesarean section to be very difficult. I became a mother for the first time and of course I wanted to focus on my baby. But unfortunately all my focus was on getting my body back. And eventually it works out little by little, but I think the recovery could have been a lot faster. Maybe you are impatient.


And then of course, Scar! The internet is full of advice on how to ensure good wound healing and how to reduce scar tissue. But it doesn’t say anywhere how you accept your scar. This may sound crazy, but when I went into labor, I didn’t expect to end up with a scar on my stomach. And while I was grateful for a healthy baby coming out, that scar still did something for me. Experience has taught me that you have to “give place to some things” and this was also the case with the scar after cesarean section.

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