Five fun walks in Friesland. Ode to Care, Friesian Horses, Tim Noll and more

Visit a show about sponsorship, admire Friesian horses at a horse show, listen to elephant music, discover Tim Knoll’s new side or celebrate the New Year with the North Holland Orchestra.

A poem for caring

For more than twenty years, the Golden Theater troupe has presented performances about the tragedy of absurd life. For their performance, everything that takes place in the bowels of people and sleeps in the brain of mammals is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. in Sant’Angelo Castle The theater group you are looking for Grooming is indispensable in a performance filled with hair, blood, dirty diapers, and beauty. Why is caring for one another not highly respected in our society? The fact that the same society is entirely dependent on it has become painfully evident in recent years. Therefore, the Golden Palace praises care.

High in the mountains, a mysterious nurse takes care of everyone who knocks on the door of the abandoned asylum, Englenburcht. The sick, the injured, and people who want to relieve themselves are welcomed with open arms. When the influx of people in need of care suddenly swells, even the nurse threatens to give up. But then a miracle happens…

Drachten – De Lawei, Thursdays at 8.30pm, €20

NNO’s New Year’s Eve party

The North Holland Orchestra welcomes visitors to the theater in Sneek The best of two hundred years of opera, operetta, ballet and symphony music. Audiences can meander through Vienna’s ballrooms to the music of the Strauss family, imagine themselves in the box of the Bolshoi Theater with ballet music by Tchaikovsky and dream away with works by Verdi, Gounod, Offenbach and Lehar.

Both well-known and lesser-known pieces are on display at the New Year’s Eve party. The entire ensemble is conducted by conductor Ed Spangard, and noted soprano Janet Van Schaik also makes contributions.

Snake – Snake Theatre, Friday 8.15pm, €29.50

Celebrate the Friesian Horse with a Stallion Check and the ‘Friesian Proms’

From Thursday to Saturday, the Royal Friesian Horse Book (KFPS) offers an annual horse check and Frisian Proms . For three days the Friesian horse is central, With the stallion checked during the day And in Evening hours concert and show evenings Frisian Proms. The program is diverse. Thursday and Friday afternoons are reserved for the second viewing of the selected stallions. The key players will be discussed on Saturday: KFPS Stallions Books. Highlighting with the hero designation.

an offer Frisian Proms Accompanied by symphonic music. Special guests are Waylon, Hans Klock, Samantha Stenwick, The Dutch Tenors, and Sweet Serenada.

Leeuwarden – WTC fair, Thursday to Saturday, €20, see prices at

Tim Noll feels light years better

Tim Noll comes to the Bakkeveen for a concert. Knol has already toured solo and with the Blue Grass Boogiemen and The Miseries. The musician’s life wasn’t all roses. One day he sees a boy in the mirror who has completely lost control due to alcohol, unhealthy food, and lack of rest. He changed his lifestyle and began searching for an improved version of himself. And with that Knol found himself again, his inspiration and zest for life.

with him Best Lightyears Tour He expresses how energized he feels and reports his “reset”. It all still sounds like the old, reliable Tim Noll; With American influences and a good story.

Bakkeveen – Dúndelle Entertainment Centre, Fri 8.30pm, €20

Your elephant approach

Four-piece indie band Elephant will be performing on stage at Neushorn on Friday. The band was founded in Rotterdam, in the year of Corona 2020. Against better judgement, but with full dedication, the musicians threw themselves into writing songs. In their studio in the greenhouses, under the smoke of Rotterdam, they recorded the first album in collaboration with Pablo van de Paul (DeWolff). Big deal on me. The record was released last year by Excelsior Recordings.

The elephant convinces with an exotic style and unique voice. Their music is perfect for fans of artists like Big Thief, Wilco, and Andy Shauf.

Leeuwarden – Rhinoceros, Fri 8.30pm, €13

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