Do we still have the same in-laws?

Once upon a time there were two identical twins. Cupid thought, Wouldn’t it be funny, if they turned into two groups? And that’s what happened. This year, at the age of 27, Lonneke married Sonny and Romy married Jordi. “Suddenly they got down on one knee at the same time.”

special or different association

Romy: “Lonneke and I have a special bond. We’re monozygotic. You’ll notice it’s closer to us than it is between brothers and sisters. We often think alike. Sometimes I write a letter to Lonneke and she writes me exactly the same way.”
Lonneke: “Now we’re less alike than before, I have glasses and a different hair color. But as a kid, people had a hard time telling us apart. Yeah, sometimes we misuse that. For example, if I studied for a test better than Romy, I’d sit place to take this test.
Romy: “Lonneke also got my moped license. I had a huge fear of failure and I really did. I got my driver’s license myself – I didn’t dare to do it, you just have to be good at driving. Sometimes we also feel things about each other Some. Sometimes I think: There’s just something about Lonneke. Then I feel my heart pounding all the way. Then I call her and it turns out she’s not feeling well. We also find that special, like we have some kind of telepathy with each other. If we go shopping in a normal way Separated from each other, we’d often come home with exactly the same thing. And once we’d wear the exact same thing for Christmas dinner.”

The spark skips

Lunicki: “Romy and I were friends with Sonny in high school. Then Romy started a relationship with Jordy, Sonny’s brother. They are also identical twins.”
Romy: “We went out with a bunch of friends, some of whom stayed with us after that. Jordan was one of them. That night we kissed and got into a relationship. I was sixteen then. A year later, Lonneke got engaged to Sonny.”
Lonneke: “His affair ended and after another night, sparks flew with us too. Then I had to tell Romi. I found that hard. I was afraid she’d think it was weird that I was dating her boyfriend’s twin brother. It’s also a little weird. Then we’d have the same In-laws and then we’d have everything together again. But Romi liked it right away.”
Romy: “Yes, of course.”
Lunicki: “Sonny and Jordi have a different personality. Jordi suits Romy well, Sonny suits me well. They also have a close twin bond, so they understand us well. They don’t think it’s weird that we text and call all day. We call at least twice a day, but more often.” More often. We live five minutes by bike from each other, we see each other every day. And if we leave each other … “
Romy: “…we’ll call again, haha.”

cried the party

Lunicki: “Last June he asked us to marry you. It was very interesting. Our parents have a vacation home in Spain, where we also go regularly. The boys had already asked our parents for our hand in marriage. They wanted to propose to us in Spain, and they asked our parents what If they want help setting something up.
So one time our parents texted back that they had won a VIP evening for four at our favorite restaurant, with a special act. Unfortunately, they had to go home again, so we were allowed to go. Before the main course a singer came to our table to sing a love song. Romy and I didn’t notice anything. Not even when the owner came our way with a box. Only when the boys suddenly stood up did we look at each other. When they got down on one knee at the same time, everyone in the restaurant clapped.”
Romy: “I usually never cry, but then I cried a little bit.”
Lunicki: “We were very lucky with Sonny and Jordy.”

special day

Romy: We got married in August. Together, yes. I don’t think we really talked about it, we just started planning. We both agreed that it was a special day and that we should each have our own moment.”
Lunicki: “There’s always two of us, I wouldn’t like to be in the spotlight alone. So it was only natural that we got married together.”
Romy: “We had separate dates for choosing a wedding dress, and we didn’t want to wear the same dress. We also gave speeches on our wedding day separately and of course yes. The boys didn’t want to wear the same thing either. Our clothes matched.”

future dreams

Lunicki: “After the wedding, the four of us went on vacation. To Spain, where we got proposed. We went out to dinner at this restaurant. Next year we’re going on our honeymoon to Africa. Yeah, we’re going on our honeymoon too. It’s great to go.” On holiday together. We love to bask in the sun and the boys are very active. Otherwise we have to get ahead every time, haha.”
Romy: “Our dream is to build a house together and then live on their own. But with a common room and a common garden.”
Lunicki: “Do we want kids too? Eh… yeah.”
Romy: “Not yet, you know. You don’t have an opinion, but it would be nice if they were a bit close in age.”
Luniki: “that they were born on the same day, for example, haha ​​…”
Rummy: “…and that they can play together in our common garden.”

Text: Ella Mae Wester
Photo: Rod Hornstra
Make-up: Lisette Verhofstadt.

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