You Must Watch These 10 New Movies And Series Next Week (Week 3)

Streamwijzer editors pick one each week top 10 from View tips to The best movies and series On streaming services in the Netherlands. You’ll find the story and trailer in the overview. This week’s overview includes titles from HBO Max, Netflix, Videoland, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Viaplay. In this article you will find tips for Week 3 (January 16-22, 2023). Enjoy watching!

10X Tips for Watching the Best Movies and Series on Streaming Services in the Netherlands (in Week 3 of 2023)

10. The Last of Us (series, 1 season) – HBO Max

Video game lovers The last of usAttention! On Monday, January 16th, HBO Max will launch an all-new series based on the game. Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian(Starring Joel Miller and Bella Ramsey)game of thrones) is Ellie. They find themselves in a devastated society and must travel from one side of the United States to the other, on a perilous journey. The brand new series viewer has brought us critical acclaim in the past Chernobyl The original game creator also contributed The last of us. This bodes well!

9. That ’90s Show (TV Series, Season 1) – Netflix

It came in 2006 That ’70s Show It’s been over eight years to come to an end, but now the time has come: Starting Thursday, January 19, fans can visit Netflix to catch the long-awaited show. This is a ’90s show Set in the summer of 1995, the film revolves around the daughter of Eric (Topher Grace) and Donna (Laura Prepon). Even though we’re following a new generation, almost the entire original cast returns and will be a celebration of appreciation. Casting Kurtwood Smith, Debra Jo Rupp, Wilmer Valderrama, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. joking!

8. Angela Black (TV series, 1 season) – Videoland

The British thriller series will be broadcast on Videoland on Monday, January 16th Angela Black the first show. One of the main roles is played by “our” Michiel Huismann, who, of course, has already caused a stir across the border in, among others, game of thrones. in Angela Black He plays Olivier Mayer. He traps his wife, Angela, in a marriage filled with domestic violence and she can’t seem to escape it–until she is unexpectedly contacted by a private investigator.

7. Bling Empire: New York (TV series, 1 season) – Netflix

Bling Empire It’s a huge hit on Netflix which is why we’re really looking forward to the show Bling Empire: New Yorkwhich will be released on Friday, January 20th. Once again we follow a group of wealthy Asian-American friends, this time from the Big Apple. One of the characters who went through it is Dorothy Wang, who previously appeared in the second season of Bling Empire It can be seen itself.

6. Idina Menzel: Any Way to the Stage (film, 2023) – Disney+

You’ll basically know Idina Menzel as the woman behind you frozenElsa, but in addition to this she also won a Tony Award and had many successes on Broadway. However, one of her biggest dreams has yet to come true, a show at New York’s world-famous Madison Square Garden. in the documentary Idina Menzel: Any way to the stage We follow her path to achieve it. At the same time, we get to see how she combines her national tour with motherhood.

5. Johnny vs. Amber: The US Trial (series, 1 season) – HBO Max

She kept things very busy last year: the lawsuit between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The documentary will premiere on HBO Max on Wednesday, January 18th Johnny vs. Amber: The United States Trial, where we can watch the raging battle. This cost deb his turn in Fantastic Beastsseries and Amber possibly in screen time Aquaman 2But who is really right? The documentary leaves this in the middle and tells the story from both sides.

4. Sahmaran (TV series, 1 season) – Netflix

Turkish series fans can switch to Netflix starting Friday, January 20 Sahrman. This series is about Master Sahsu, who ends up in a mysterious society during a trip. Members believe in the legend of Sahraman, and this legendary story changes a young woman’s life forever.

3. The Enforcer (film, 2022) – Amazon Prime Video

Antonio Banderas plays the main role port. As a mafia coda, he’s about to give it all up at the start of the movie. He finds out that his boss is endangering a young girl. To save her, he must turn against the criminal organization he’s been a part of for years–and, of course, not without danger. The film can already be seen on Pathé Thuis, but it will also appear on Amazon Prime Video from Friday, January 20th.

2. Marie Antoinette (TV series, 1 season) – Viaplay

Drama fanatic Sisi And dangerous relationships? Then we have a viewing tip for you. The series will be released on Thursday, January 19 Marie Antoinette’s name on the way to play. Of course, this tells the famous story of Empress Marie Antoinette. She is only fourteen when she is given in marriage to the Crown Prince of France and suddenly has to keep her own at the strict French court. Of course, this does not go without a hitch.

1. LOL: Last One Laughing (TV series, 1 season) – Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video brings this all-new Dutch comedy series this Friday, January 20th lol: the last laugh. Led by Flemish comedians Philippe Guebbels and Jerome Snelders, ten Dutch comedians will compete. They lock themselves in a room together for six hours, and whoever laughs gets to leave. Whoever stays the longest will receive the main prize of €50,000. The comedians who appeared were Henry Van Loon, Tinky Scotten, Roy Verveer, Robin van der Meer, Ninky Plas, Ryan Bandai, Stefano Kaiser, Alex Plog, Sondos Al Ahmadi and Bas Hoovlak.

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