These are the baby name trends for 2023 according to experts

From gender to fitness trends: A new year, as always, brings new trends. Are you expecting a baby in 2023? Then these 6 baby name trends can serve as your ultimate source of inspiration.

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Grandfather names for girls

Goodbye, Mary. Hello Ozzy! The first and most beautiful trend we will see in 2023 is uphill Grandparents names … for girls. Sounds like this kind of name Retro and vintage On, but at the same time he is a boy Edgy and fun. Giving your daughter an old-school male name is the way to give a modern twist to an old trend.

One of the hottest names in this category is the gender-neutral one the aboveCourtesy of the Netflix series Stranger Things. Moreover, this name ends in -x , so you’re killing two birds with one stone in terms of direction (see direction #3).

Girls: Arlo, Billy, Poppy, Frankie, Georgie, Iggy, Joy, Jude, Lenny, Lou, Max, Miller, Monroe, Ozzie, Ray, Rudy, Scotty, Stevie, Teddy.

Earthly baby names

Final catch 22: You want your baby A unique and worldly name You give, but at the same time you also want Easy to pronounce he. Do you as a parent struggle with the same issue? Then this baby name trend is definitely for you Cup of tea.

Experts see it New worldly, funky and airy names It is becoming increasingly popular. Although names ending in -a and -o continue to perform well, we’re also seeing more and more names appearing according to A very specific form: four letters, two syllables, ending in -i. I’m thinking of Gigi, Rumi, Yuki, Sophie… Impossible to pronounce wrongly and easy to write: win!

Girls: Bibi, Gigi, Indi, Kiki, Lumi, Romy, Suki, Tavi.

Boys: Remy, Xavi, Yuki, Ravi and Ravi.

Baby name trends 2023

Baby names with an -x

Upcoming parents will be looking for names with an X factor in 2023. Literally! At the beginning, middle or end of the noun: X is clearly the coolest letter at the moment. The nice thing about this letter is that you can go in the classic direction with names, too Xavier and Maxineyou can choose trendy names à la Trixie and Fox Whether the gender neutral tour can continue Max Linux And Alex.

The pursuit of Elon Musk and Grimes — who baptized their children X Æ A-Xii and Exa Dark Sideræl — may be a little over the top, but Hollywood has countless other names for inspiration, such as Bronx (son of Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz), Maddox (son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt) and pixie (Daughter of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates).

Girls: Dixie, Lennox, Pixie, Lux, Trixie, Alex (a), Phoenix, Max, Lexi.

Boys: Alex, Bronx, Onyx, Fox, Maddox, Hendrix, Rex, Huxley, Max, Lennox.

Baby name trends 2023

Cowboy names

Western drama Yellowstone was the most-watched series on US television in 2022, and that was clearly visible across the ocean in terms of baby names. That’s how it is BethThe name of one of the main characters of the series has become very popular again. also Ripp, Case Dutton, Stetson, White, Waylon And walker Names that go back to “Yellowstone” are given remarkably more often to new babies in the United States.

Experts still believe that this type of baby name is trending not only under the influence of contemporary pop culture. The pandemic will also have something to do with it. This is how one can do it during lockdown Rediscover nature You have, therefore, more inclined towards harsh, Outdoors, back to basics Names.

Daughters: Beth, Alice, Dixie, Belle, John, Clementine, Tilly, Ruby, Eddie, Rosalie, Hattie.

Boys: Abbott, Beck, Django, Ennis, Foster, Jones, Lloyd, Rhett, Sawyer, Bill.

Baby name trends 2023

Baby names with gold edge

The children of 2023 are entering the golden age! Post-pandemic, parents are doing their best to get names Cheerful, proud and optimistic sound. Think in this direction All that glitters and sparkleslike gold (Goldie, Aurelia), the sun (Helios, Sunny) and light (Lux, Apollo).

Daughters: Goldie, Lux, Sophie, Aurelia, Sully.

Boys: Apollo, Helios, Sterling, Elio, Sol, Lucian, Sunny.

Baby name trends 2023

Extreme baby names

Forget the logo ‘less is more’in the year 2023 Certainly more. After years of restrictions — not only because of the pandemic, but also sober indoor trends like wabi sabi and japandi — parents have taken the lead once again. Extravagance, decadence and drama.

Thanks to modern popular culture phenomenon like “Bridgerton” and “Wednesday” They are extreme subcultures for example Dark Academia, High Fantasy and Regency Core more popular than ever. And this affects not only our clothes and interior style, but also children’s names. Be inspired Myths, legends, history, fantasy, literature, and anime.

Daughters: Penelope, Ottoline, Wednesday, Athena, Venus, Octavia, Calliope.

Boys: Wolfgang, Gideon, Casimir, Balthazar, Odin, Augustus, Helios, Apollo.

Baby name trends 2023

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