The search for missing Hebe (10 years old) and companion continues today: “We want nothing more than to have her back in our arms” | Instagram

with videoThe search for Vukht’s 10-year-old Hebe and her supervisor, 26-year-old Sani, continues “in full swing” this morning. Dozens of volunteers are helping search the Wasbeek area, where the two were seen on Monday afternoon. So far, nothing has been found pointing towards the two.

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Yesterday morning, an amber alarm was issued to Hebe. The girl is disabled and needs care. She was with her supervisor Sani (26 years old) from Den Bosch, who could give her the necessary help. Hebe’s family said in a statement that the two have a special bond: “The family hopes they can be found together soon.” She also says the family is grateful for all the support. “We want nothing more than to have her back in our arms.”

Police officers and those involved in tracing teams held consultations first this morning. Unfortunately, we didn’t find Hebe and Sunny last night. “The search is continuing today with vigor and in a major way,” the police said. This morning the specialists and the veteran search team decided that the investigation would now focus on Polanenweg in Waspik, close to the road where the search was already underway yesterday. “The places we searched by car yesterday will be searched on foot today,” the police said. “We are constantly looking to see if we can look elsewhere.”

Stijn van Griensven, Chief of Operations at East Brabant Police, said on a talk show last night Genk That all scenarios are taken into account at the moment. For example, it is not yet possible to determine whether it was a kidnapping or an accident. What we do know is that Hebe and Sunny had a very close relationship, and this also applies to both families. But that doesn’t change the fact that we’re still taking all scenarios into consideration at this point in the research.”

Wanted About Waspeak

There was already an intense search for the two yesterday. Initially with several volunteers, they got together after a cry for help from Hebe’s mother on Facebook. Dear People, A letter I never thought I had to write. Sunny and Hebe are missing. They never arrived when Sanne went to fetch Hebe home from ‘t Overstapje in Raamsdonkveer to Vught. ‘t Overstapje is an orthopedic day center on Sint Theresiastraat in Ramsdonksver.

Soon, the police also got involved. The area between Ramsdonksver and Fut was combed by helicopter, among other things. Since 2:30 p.m., a specific search has been conducted around Waspik, including with a veterans team that specializes in finding missing persons. After discovering an oil trail in Hooiweg, in an industrial estate along the water, police searched for a possible vehicle in the water. The place where they are looking today is just a stone’s throw from there.

It is not found. To make sure there was nothing in the water, the divers and sonar boat continued searching last night. It is also being searched elsewhere. Police will check all roads and waterways in and around the route from Ramsdonksver to Vogt.

Lost Hebe (left) and Sani. The photos were shared today by the police and Opsporing Requested. BACKGROUND: Searching for emergency services in the waters near Ramsdonksver. © FPMB / Erik Haverhals

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A 10-year-old hippie who wears a light purple Eastpak backpack, a bright pink jacket, a black skirt, a blue shirt, and blonde hair. She has “special motor skills” because she walks unsteadily with her feet out. Her supervisor is 26-year-old Sani from Den Bosch. And together they drove a black Kia Picanto with license plate PR-425-K.

Heavily sought after

A friend of Hebe’s mother coordinated the search at the beginning of the day, but due to the overwhelming response, she later handed that role over to the police. A WhatsApp group has been created, where people share the routes they have already searched for, among other things. The supervisor’s friends also helped find the two.

The subjects who initially searched were helped and warned, for example, if they saw a skid sign, not to stand at it in connection with the trace investigation. Later, the police asked to leave the search to the specialists. However, the police continue to call people through the amber alert to search for the two.

Missing blows like a sledgehammer

The missing person arrived like a sledgehammer at ‘t Overstapje in Raamsdonksveer, which lies under Prisma in Waalwijk. “We are very concerned, because the whole of Holland is involved,” said organization spokesman Karim Hamadi of Prisma, a foundation for people with disabilities. “We have short lines with family and the police and our role now is mainly to support them, supervisors and clients.”

Walwick mayor Sasha Osims also sympathizes. She came to Hooiweg in the Waspik last night, as the search was in progress. “It’s terrible what’s going on here,” says Ausmus. “This is a drama for the whole family and the participants.”

“hippie house”

Due to Hippie’s complex care needs, her parents founded ‘Hippie’ in Vucht in 2020 because they actually had nowhere else to go with their daughter. Hotel Hebehuis is located in the De Groene Beuk complex on Van Voorst tot Voorststraat in Vught. A place where a hippie can relax. In May of this year, Hebe started at ‘t Overstapje day nursery in Ramsdonkvere. “We fought to bring her out of isolation and give her a place in the world,” her mother wrote on Facebook.

Lost Heeb.
Lost Heeb. © Police

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