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with videoJacques Frijns has won it first, Francine Ohmen has won it nine times, and this year Thomas van Grensven and Rutger Fink won for their book. Magic collar Children’s Jury Award 2022 for the age group from 6 to 9 years. Kevin Hassing wins the 10- to 12-year-old class with… Sparrow & Captain Evilbeard and the course to the Kraken. Children’s book critic Jaap Friso explains what makes these books popular.

The winning books were announced today at the Utrecht Library during the Big Children’s Jury Gala. The Children’s Jury is a public prize, so the children decide which book wins. During voting weeks, they could vote for their favorite book, and 52,448 children did. A record, says organizer Stichting CPNB (Dutch Book Collective Publicity Foundation).

Why was there such a high vote on the book by YouTubers and Hessing’s adventurous octopus book? Children’s book critic Jaap Friso has an idea. ,,Magic collar This YouTuber is in line with what kids enjoy, who often watch YouTube videos. The success of these men also explains why their book has become so popular. This is not a bad thing, on the contrary: these kinds of books really do have their value. It’s accessible, not too demanding of the child from a literary standpoint, and hopefully can be a starting point for books that are a bit more layered.”

It shouldn’t be like that, Friso asserts, but children who learn to love reading enjoy it very much. “It stimulates your imagination, expands your vocabulary, and develops empathy—it really helps if you like to read.” The winning book Sparrow & Captain Evilbeard and the course to the Kraken Friso points out that it is already a huge book to read. “A truly fun, lively, adventurous children’s book.”


In the Netherlands, we really do have a beautiful children’s book landscape where thousands of flowers are blooming – and more and more are being added

Yap Friso

Winning writers © Gilmer de Haas

Sweet sisters

Other nominees for the 2022 Children’s Jury Prize are The Sweet Sisters are going on vacation By Hanneke de Zoete, Kross and co by Rico Hope f loser’s life 15 submerged From Jeff Kinney. A children’s book critic says you can tell this award is very popular. These books are delightful, made by YouTube heroes for kids, because the Sweet Sisters are known for their videos on their YouTube channel, and they make sure kids read at least—that’s a win.

“It’s good for children to read books. Series loser’s life It has been very popular for a long time and this can also be explained: they do not demand much from the child, they follow a fixed pattern and there is a lot of humor in it. We hope it will inspire children to read! What a good book must meet: A children’s book is no different from an adult’s book, says Friso. Nothing is necessary. What you like to read depends on your background, your hobbies, and what kind of child you are. And also the reading education you’ve had. In the Netherlands We really have a beautiful children’s book scene where thousands of flowers are blooming – and more and more are being added.”


Of course, the success of these guys on YouTube explains why their book is so popular. This is not a bad thing, on the contrary

Yap Friso

Reading to your child is not only a fun moment together, it is also good for language development. Which book do you choose? See the top ten best toddler books and children’s books on Ouders van Nu.

Block and Thea Beckmann

Classics like Crusade in jeansAnd Winter of war And Choose from PettefleThey’re missing from the children’s jury list — but that doesn’t mean they’re slowly becoming less popular, says Friso. These classics, for example, are included in the De Grote Friendly 100, a list of all-time favorite children’s books, chosen by my readers. Great friendly podcast And visitors to the book site

“Last year, the discussion broke out that parents and teachers are pretty much stuck in their nostalgia and keep picking up those classics, while a lot of news shows up. You can do both. Replace Pluk with a pretty picture book at this time. Diversity was also discussed, Like different origins or family situations, about illness and limitations, children from town or country and of different colours.”

Nuts and lamp

What books should not be lost on the shelf in the nursery? Friso has two pieces of advice. ,,the book Nuts Highly recommended by Peter Kolvik. It is about a boy who has an imaginary friend. His parents want it to stop, because that friend doesn’t exist and has even been admitted to a psychiatric institution. But what is the problem actually? These are great questions to think about with your child.

Also recommended by reviewers: Noor by Annette Young. Lambie lives with her hard-drinking father in a lighthouse. her mother died. Every evening Lambie has to turn on the light in the lighthouse, but one night she forgets and a terrible storm blows up. “A really great book that you must read.”

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