Outings in Friesland: Abdelkader Benali, Elfstedentocht Day, Horse and Pony Market, Mell & Vintage Future and Cause of Earthquakes

Celebrate Elfstedentocht Day, learn about how the earth moves, visit a horse and pony market, hear Mell & Vintage Future or a story about mother and son.

Elfstedentocht day

It’s time for the fourth edition of Elfstedentocht Day. On January 15, 1909, Koninklijke Vereniging De Friesche Elf Steden was founded. This is why January 15, 2019 has been declared Elfstedentocht Day. On Wednesday, the day will be celebrated in the historic cultural center De Tiid in Bolsward, with all kinds of activities and performances on the theme of Eleven Cities culture, as it is run by the Archives and Museums. Led by Sippy Tigchelaar, unique material is displayed by female riders of Elfstedentocht.

There is also interest for people who have not only completed the Elfstedenroute by skiing, but also by other means of transport. Because what is actually the hardest? Swimming, cycling or riding a scooter? Jessica Merkins will be handing out the first copy of her book to you this afternoon. The book is an anthology of women skiing on the Elfstedentocht. The history of Dutch skiing from 1890 to the present and liberation in the sport are central to this. The organization of the afternoon is in the hands of the Súdwest-Fryslân Municipal Archives, Tresoar, the Fries Film and Audio Archive, the Fries Scheepvaart Museum and the sports historians Marnix Koolhaas and Jurryt van de Vooren. Registration is required and can be done via detiid.nl/agenda.

Bolsward – Historical Cultural Center De Tiid, Wed 2-4 p.m., €5

inside and outside the ground

Moving underground. This is a good thing, because it allows us to live on Earth. But sometimes the earth’s crust also moves and this is life threatening. How do these processes work and what causes earthquakes in Groningen? the professor. Dr. Jacob Foukema talks about these processes during a public lecture at the Franeker Academy. In Groningen, there is a human cause for earthquakes: Gas extraction causes movements in the Earth’s crust.

Can earthquakes be predicted, can damage be limited, and will earthquakes stop when gas extraction stops? Jacob Fukema will address these questions during his public lecture. Tickets are available from Botniastins from half an hour before the start.

Franeker – Botniastins, Wednesdays at 8pm, €10

Horses, ponies, things and auctions

The horse and pony market will be held again in the Manege de Wilgenhoeve, with a flea market and farmers’ auction. Stroll past the various stands full of goodies. The auction will take place at approximately 5:30 p.m., with all kinds of goods, from bulldozers to horses. Anyone who wants to contribute something to the marketplace or auction is welcome to fill out a note with name, product description, and minimum prices right away.

You can find more information by calling 06-10058534. A horse and pony market is held monthly in Augustinusga.

Augustinusga – Manege, Thurs 3 – 9 p.m. Free

Romance with Mill & Vintage Future

Dutch band Mell & Vintage Future consists of Melanie Jonk, Ton Dijkman and Nico Brandsen. After the success of their debut album, the album Roots and romance many of Radio 2’s best hits, their performance perfect day in a Paramount movie between And success in the month of Linda Winter (2020 and 2021), it’s time for a new show.

This can be seen on stage under the name Roots & Romance 2 and contains a mix of hits, from then to now, young to old and vintage to future; the band It takes the listener to the core and stands for an evening of musical roots and romance.

Sneek – Theater Sneek, Thursdays 8.15pm, €22.50

A story about a mother and her son

At the kitchen table, while preparing Moroccan soup, Abdelkader Benali talks about the journey he took with his mother. It is about a visit to a museum in a far country where there is a Rembrandt that he has wanted to see for years. Board The return of the prodigal son Biblical story about hospitality and homecoming. During the trip, his mother confronts him about his relationship with his family and their shared history.

mother and son is a compelling and poignant performance about a mother’s love, the comfort of good olive oil and the power of hospitality and empathy. An intimate story with a sense of humor and poetry A picture is being painted of the universal bond between mother and son.

Leeuwarden – De Harmonie, Thursdays at 8.30pm, €19.50

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